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Mar 2014
You're so fragile.
You're so easily broken.
You're so far away from here.
Right now.
You're careful.
You try not to let anyone in.
You've built walls high enough to reach Heaven.
Yet, You've been through Hell.
Careful, don't let anyone close.
Careful, don't let them in.
Careful, can't fall that hard again.
Careful, try not to break down.

I'll be careful with you.
I promise.
I can't*
You can.
No. Not again.
Let me in, I'll be careful with your heart.
I'm not like the rest; you can trust me, I swear.
Can I?
Yes! I love you.
I don't know if it's possible for me to feel that way again.
Let me help you, I'll be careful.
*I know.
She let down her walls and he kept his promise.
He was careful with her heart and helped her to love again.
They live happily with two kids in a quaint little home in the woods.
Happy and Carefree.
Written by
Madeline Bowker
   --- and Isabella Pullivan
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