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Don’t you worry I’ll be fine,
You know I’ve heard the strong survive,
millions die everyday yet
we're blessed to be alive.
Yes, Some have lost their way,
and others take their path in stride,
While The rest don’t give a ****
and go along just for the ride.
I say we gonna live and learn
or We gonna live and die,
They can take away your freedom
but can't take away your pride.
Close your eyes, go deep inside
now come alive Gods on your side.
Those who’ll take a bullet for them
come on down you’ve won prize,
They’re meeting in the mountains
when their bombs fall they all hide.
While I'll be with you guys,
on the ground looking at the skies.
Everything isn’t just said
its often right in front our eyes,
Open your eyes.
© 2013
The devil will give you what you want faster than God will...
Think about it.
One too many times we've been shortchanged
My Feelings are beginning to wither with Novocaine...
We no longer feel pain, you see our skin repels water like a feather when it rains
Poisonous toxins are flowing through your veins...
Somewhere right now a black man has a barrel to their brain

Rockets propelling through the skies, those shooting stars are grenades
Leaders of the free world watching should be ashamed.

War is not a game, but its orchestrated like a play. While they're bombing overseas, we're killing each other daily.

Bloodstains in the streets bodies mangled to the beat...And the beat goes on and survivors dancing in the streets....

Peace is yet again delayed

You could die before you wake so don't forget to pray, it may not get you into heaven but it will clean your slate...

Slavery changes with time, slave break free from your chains
Only ourselves can free our mind, Spare the homeless some change

It's not about what we lose but about what we gain...
Its some things in life that we never see coming
Blinded by all of the lights they are stunning
The police is chasing the outlaw is running
Its one thing we know its the devil is cunning...
People younger than me are dying
Politicians still trying
to ease our minds
With scripted lies
This song is for all those who see the ties
We gone smoke marijuana till its legalized and
I'm so high you can barely see my eyes
I left the club with two girls and they both were bi
You left the club with three *******
and they all were guys
Why look back now the planes taking off
If your girl in the room she gone take it off
Cause I paid the cost to be the boss
Three, two, one gonna blast off!
My tongue is alive
I do this for all those that died
I could careless bout the money and rides
I'm intertwined with a spiritual guide

You probably know him better as God
I stay connected through prayer and silence
Why do we  stare at the lights and the sirens?
The master is talking the puppet is silent.

I can feel change is coming like the climate
As I'm writing my eyes roll and I shake
Like the earths crust does under our feet
The next Noah's flood will come from melted ice sheets

And you'll never meet another poet like me
I'm half prophet and I'm half emcee
People that I've never met appearing in my dreams
It seems we're all connected can you feel me through the screen?

Most of our emotions are controlled by TV
I guess somebody know our minds inner workings
Studying new methods in a laboratory
this is what a butterfly once told me...
It's been 2 months 5 days 22 hours 47 minutes and 17 seconds and counting since you pushed me away and
The more and more that time
the more and more you
fade away..
Vegas White
A status update from my close friend Vegas White. His words jumped off the screen and touched my soul I had to share with you all.
Neptune has many moons
In his cold desolate spot in space
Each one to be with forever
until death do them part
And be there... close to his side day n night...
Inspired by My tattoo artist Neptune.
Neptune has 14 moons Triton being the biggest.
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