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Reg Aug 2020
fewer scars
faith in stars
and a slight will to live!

an addiction came and left
I'm told its for the best
though, now I have no friends.

to my surprise,
and his demise,
I'm now in love with a man!

things aren't great,
but times are better
and I think I'm here to stay.
this is a little depressing but I still found myself laughing throughout? I'm in a better place than 2015 for sure.
Reg Jan 2017
Here's to the worst year of our lives
Here's to years gone by, I despise
So much for sweet sixteens
Time was better in between

I bid farewell,
Two thousand and Memory
  Dec 2016 Reg
uzzi obinna
What if i told you,
That the reason why i date you,
Is to make poems of you?

What if i told you,
That i never truely loved you,
Rather i only needed you?

What if i told you,
I gain inspiration by being with you,
And by breaking up with you?

What if i told you,
I write of the things you do,
And the pains you put me through?

What if i told you,
I expect the heart break from losing you,
It helps me get a better point of view?

So forgive me for ever hurting you,
My poetry always comes before you,
Only her do I trust as really true.
Reg Dec 2016
In the evening light,
you can wade through the sky
It ripples and returns
to watercolor sights

I choke on its solemn end
only to find I'm lost again
Little poem about the reflection of the sun on water
Reg Dec 2016
Here's an ode to the
Oh- that feeling in my stomach
when you turn it
upside down
inside out
through my mouth came words
and now suffer under your sea of humility

I know it's hard to see me,
It's getting harder to speak
when they don't have the time to
hear my cries,
to wait for my mistakes-
I take it back.
I never said a thing.
Poem about speech impediments...
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