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pk tunuri Apr 2019
Every child is an artwork of God
He chose this world, as his canvas

Men & Women are his brushes
He painted with love, as his medium

Every child is special
Every special child is God's own child

Making a difference for such a child is a blessing
Making them smile may change your/their world

Let's aspire!
Let's inspire!!
pk tunuri Feb 2019
The days back then were great
With very less fear of fate

The fun was neither in glories
Nor in the gifts we receive
It was in listening to the stories
Which were hard to believe

The Cycle Rides, before the Sunrise
Catching Fireflies, before the night dies

The magic of the rainbow, while it's raining
Holding mom, scared of thunder & lightning

Sleeping on the grass gazing at the moon
Haven't realized how my childhood ended so soon
pk tunuri Jan 2019
Making peace with an enemy
is as difficult as
Taming a wild poisonous snake
pk tunuri Dec 2018
BOY: Hey, If you're just thinking
          I'm gonna start the conversation
          I'm sorry! Unlike all the times,
          It's not happening this time!!
          NOT ANYMORE!

GIRL: Oh! I see...
            I know right!!
pk tunuri Nov 2018
Life is colourful all the time
It is up to us to pick the right colours at the right time
pk tunuri Nov 2018
We never talked about how much we love each other
But the relation we have is so magical altogether

Wish I could spend a little more time with you
Remember those silly fights in the classroom?
Today, I fell into tears listening to your voice, Boom!
Memories came & went in a fraction of seconds. yeah, it's true!

Maybe just saying thanks, won't be enough
All I know is I'm gonna miss you and its gonna be tough

I hope you'll remember me
wherever you gonna be

Love you Akka !!
memories love relation time fights classroom tears tough
pk tunuri Nov 2018
You're a Teacher first and a Parent second
As a father, you're doing great every second

You have always been true  
And knew the right thing to do
No matter how much negativity surrounds you

We wonder how do you manage to
Forgive the ones who hurt you

You gave us everything from the bottom of your heart
We inherited our love for badminton, cricket, and art

The love you gave us and the values you taught
Are so priceless and can never be bought

Here's your Birthday song, "My Dad, My Hero"
Because without you, we are nothing but a Zero


Prem Kumar Tunuri
Sunil Jaikar Tunuri
Prem Kumar TUNURI
Sunil Jaikar TUNURI
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