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rain abruptly stops,
water soaked trees take over,
on cycles it goes
sound of horn heralds-
bedecked bull ambles along,
a world gone, returns!
On a Bangalore street,the silicon valley of India,a bedecked bull
and the lady, his keeper, still has a place....he isn't just any ordinary bull..
a venerable presence...contemporary face of long tradition of treating animal sand birds with veneration..the lady is handsomely compensated for keeping the tradition alive and showing up at auspicious occasions..
In the present...
there is no fear.
there is no sorrow.
there is no regret.
there is no loss.
For in the present...
is where
 Jan 2017 Nithya Venkat
Ju Clear
All guest are gone
Beds emptied
Wash is on
New year a new me

Stop my vices
For a fitter me to be
My mantra kindness
New year a new me

Yoga my roots
Love my stem
Seeds to grow
New year a new me

The world is ours
Cherish the now
Grow kinder branches
Be the leaves you want to see
New you new year
Pondering the new year
Still smoking
The loneliest people are the kindest, The saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged people are the weirdest... all because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the same as they did.
 Jan 2017 Nithya Venkat
 Jan 2017 Nithya Venkat
Tell me;
how could you just wake up one day
and decided not to love me anymore,
while I am here
falling apart in a sea of loneliness
*trying to save myself from dying inside
- December 13, 2016
 Jan 2017 Nithya Venkat
A Psalm
 Jan 2017 Nithya Venkat
I've gotten so used to isolation
that a deserted island is home

the sea of despair is a continuous whirlpool of void
emptiness is the sun
and the sky is crying for me

eyes tired
then eyes closed
and the mind took over

for one who exists behind the shadows,
how mundane it is to dream, to wish,
that someday
someone will get lost
in my forgotten shore

like a siren without a voice
her life is a soft hum
a melancholic peace
she's not out to lure but to give rest

thousands of fishermen have kissed her lips and fleeted

and every time
before they go, she hums a lullaby of happiness
that it's okay and you could leave her
but when the ship is a tiny blip in the ocean
she opens her mouth

and sings.
Her words were
like fire to my ears,
poison in my veins.
She triggered
something dark
and dangerous
within me.
Something I struggled
to restrain.

There was something
about her
that made me
feel sad and mad
at the same time.
She was a lone soul
stuck in the midst
of a chaos
she had no control over.
(We used to be friends once. I regret not being able to influence her to change her ways. I hope she'll change for the better.)
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