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Nithya Venkat Sep 2015
noisy leaves rustle
as they frolic with the wind
begging for a ride
Nithya Venkat Sep 2015
Goodbye am departing
Falling down
Way down
Far beneath your reach
As I leave you
You slowly disappear
Into sheer nothingness
Disappearing into thin air
Of this I am sure
I will find you again
Some place
The river
pond or lake
I will meet you
When the sun shines
And the waters rise up
You will take form
As you appear
I can see myself in you
We join together again
Forming clouds
Where dreams are made
Till we meet again
I wrote this thinking about the rain departing from the clouds and rising up once again -nature in it's many forms
Nithya Venkat Jun 2015
Heal my heart heal my soul
Let your spirit take control of what little there is left of me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Set me free from the strong tethers that bind me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Help me fly span the skies that beckon to me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Guide me to a land where freedom awaits me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Together let us take control of our destiny
Let us walk holding hands
Into a world that understands
Peace and harmony
Hoping to live in a world where peace and harmony exist and let the wounds heal.
Nithya Venkat Jun 2015
Glimpses of me
I can clearly see
In your eyes
Every time you look at me
You pretend not to be affected
By my mere presence in the room
Even though I may not talk or walk
Next to you
I can still catch glimpses of me
In the way that you speak
The words that come tumbling out
One spilling onto another
Not making any sense
As you try to babble on and on
Whenever you talk to me
I can still clearly see
In your eyes
Your love for me
Why do you try to hide
When you know
That you are still in love
In love with me
A figment of my imagination.
Nithya Venkat May 2015
teasing summer breeze
swirling in and out of leaves
pretty flowers blush
Be A Shining Light

Each morning just as you wake up
You have a choice to make
You can choose that you'll be happy
Or sad throughout your day

You can choose to see the good things
And not to see the bad
Look forward to your future
Let go of all the past

You can choose to think of others
Learn from your mistakes
Listen to different points of view
And give more then you take

If you choose each day to smile
You will make the world bright
Each morning just when you wake up
You become a shining light

Be A shining light

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts
  May 2015 Nithya Venkat

The sunrise blushes
in sunflower
chardonnay braids
on soft merlot clouds
as if it has heard
my whispers of love
sent to you upon
sweet pea breezes
this perfect
*vintage morning
Good morning Beautiful
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