L Jun 2017

Every day has an end
Just like how
every life has an end

And every meetings have an end too
Just like how
every smile has a little tears

Every heart has a broken pieces too
Every good day will turn into some nightmares sometimes too
And every heartbreak tore every heart to pieces too

But at least,
every heartbreak has an end too.

- June 2, 2017
L Jun 2017

Loving me is,
as easy as staying

and yet you couldn't

- June 2, 2017
L Jun 2017

We met;
our eyes did

he looked away

and just like that,
he broke me more than he ever did

- September 21, 2013
L Jan 2017

Not anymore,
I said

but then you came
to say hello
and it's just
'Hell yeah'
all over again

- January 28, 2017
L Jan 2017

You became a ghost
in my heart,
and keep haunting me
in my mind;

how I wish you would've just gone
as the darkness washed away
when the sun shows up

- January 20, 2016
(still awake at 5 in the morning; realizing how it's still killing me inside even now)
L Jan 2017

Losing you
is like
losing a best friend
somewhat more than friend;
all at once

And all I know is that it hurts
that we went being nothing
in such a heartbeat

- January 16, 2017
L Jan 2017

long story short;
you left when
all I asked you is
to stay

- January 12, 2017
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