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Taki Kumiko Jan 2017
Her words were
like fire to my ears,
poison in my veins.
She triggered
something dark
and dangerous
within me.
Something I struggled
to restrain.

There was something
about her
that made me
feel sad and mad
at the same time.
She was a lone soul
stuck in the midst
of a chaos
she had no control over.
(We used to be friends once. I regret not being able to influence her to change her ways. I hope she'll change for the better.)
Taki Kumiko Jan 2017
I'm still in love
With the way you took my hand
With how you said my name

I'm still in love
With your toothy grin
With your hearty deep laugh

I'm still in love
With the comforting hugs you gave
With how you wiped away my tears

I'm still in love
With a person already gone
With someone that's been replaced

I'm still in love
With the memories
Because, now, it's all I'll ever have.
*kudos to all those who are in the process of moving on and to those who have moved on
I see my entire life
in a quick flicker
of lightning,

I see our entire existence,
from beginning to end,
in a passing cloud.

I see heaven
in the sun's dazzling rays,
glaring through the forest's canopy,
and I see eternity - a deep infinite ocean,
in your eyes.

By Lady R.F ©2016
  Oct 2016 Taki Kumiko
Eric L Warner
How do you write about something you can't talk about?
How do you discuss anything, when every wire is tapped?
How do you profess your love or confess your sins, when every confession will lead to a cage.
I need to get out of here.
Just one more job.
Just one more loose end.
Just one more person to pay off.
Just one more dollar.
Just one more bullet.
Just one more tank of gas.
Just one more broken heart.
Just one more funeral.'
Just one more poem, to get through this day.
  Oct 2016 Taki Kumiko
I am champagne bubbles
And fairy wings
And confetti sprinkles
And heart-thudding bass
And dizzy melody
And all the shining city lights that show you the
Way home

I am all these things
And every floating, giddy thought
15 again
For the first time in forever
Painting glitter on every horizon
Because I can't contain the smiles on my lips
Written 10/10/16
Taki Kumiko Oct 2016
It was a night like any other. Then I saw you.
From that moment on, I wanted nothing more to stop and stare at you.
It was painful always having to look up to the heavens to meet your gaze.
But I endured it all.
I constantly wanted to be near you, even if you outshone me in so many ways.
I ran towards you.
But no matter what I did to get closer,
You’d seem much farther away from my grasp.
Then finally after so much I had gone through,
Finally I caught up with you!
I did it.
Then I looked again.
You weren’t as bright as I thought you would be.
I was disappointed.
Things weren’t going the way they were supposed to be.
I took one final last look at you.
Deciding that you weren’t my whole world after all,
I looked up.
I was surprised to see.
You were only one star among millions.
You didn’t outshine everything else after all.
I was just too blind to see,
That you weren’t the only star in the galaxy.
one last deep thought before I hit the sack. Duh. FINALLY. Sleep embrace me!
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