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 Apr 2016 Natalie
Jodie LindaMae
I kept poems
Hidden in the darkest corners of our house
So that he would not find them.
While in bed
I would look to his resting tomb of a body
And wish that he understood.
 Dec 2015 Natalie
Devon Webb
I had to look up
the word
on Urban Dictionary
because I didn't know
what we were,
what we are.

And it said things like
'a socially acceptable
form of prostitution' and
'feelings of
puppy love that usually
in a few weeks'.

But this is
puppy love.
This is not going to
dissolve or
fizzle out or
you're not a
you're a *******
fireworks display.

And you turn
everything in my head
into this
turbulence and
I can't keep up with
how much I
adore you.

But the thing is
I don't know
if your view
is as good as mine.
What if you're
looking at something
a little less

What if I'm your

What if I'm as
as the flame you use
to light the
you find more
than my touch.

If that's the case
I'd rather
I left you

if I'm your flame
you're my
forest fire
and you're burning
it all down until
the only thing left
standing is

And I'll walk for
miles across this
carpet of ashes
just to feel the
softness of your skin
against mine.

And I'll cough
and I'll splutter
on toxic smoke
but you'll just
breathe it in because
you never realised anything
was even

You don't see me
you just know that
I'm here,
I'm here
I made it
I'm yours
I'll always be yours
because there's
nothing else

And maybe
I can be
content with that
if only
you will see
you could burn down
and I still
wouldn't put you
 Dec 2015 Natalie
raine cooper
 Dec 2015 Natalie
raine cooper
maybe love is to watch a thousand winters pass, and still stand by his side because you know he's made of spring
 Dec 2015 Natalie
Ashley Nicole
I poured salt at the doorways of my mind
In attempts to keep the demons out
Trying to be a lot more optimistic lately. So far my mood has definitely improved.
Darling, Do you think of me when you **** her?
00:43 BST
 Dec 2015 Natalie
Vanessa Escopin
Don’t fall in love with me.
There are days when I get sad without a reason and I just stare at the ceiling with tears streaming down my face.

Don’t fall in love with me.
On those days, I don’t talk to anyone. I just bury myself in my bed and think about how I became this mess of sadness.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will become attached to you and I will cry myself to sleep if you don’t text me good night before you go to sleep and I will convince myself that it’s because you got tired of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m too much. I will depend on you. I need attention, much more than other people. I’ll talk to you in metaphors and make you one. I’ll write poems about you and opening up my skin at 2 A.M.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I couldn’t stand you coming home to find me on the bathroom floor shaking and crying, with blood spilling from my wrists. I couldn’t stand seeing the disappointment in your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will pour everything I’ve left of me into you, every bit of love, until I have nothing to give. Until I become completely empty.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m scared that my sadness is contagious.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will replay your sweet words in my head when I hate myself so much that I want to die. Your words will be the only thing that make me stay.

Don’t fall in love with me.
You will live in fear. You won’t be able to leave me, because you’d know if you did, I wouldn’t have anything to live for.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Before I met you, there wasn’t a single person who could’ve made me stay. You’re my reason now.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Because I will fall in love with you.
By: Unknown writer
 Dec 2015 Natalie
You really have to watch those liberal males,
they'll spend hours and hours with you having
deep intellectual conversations.

They'll discuss deep ideas, contemplate esoteric
theory and spiritual ideas. They'll make love
for hours and write deep and meaningful poetry
about you. Sure, they will probably wear their hair
long and most likely won't own a television.

But, they'll understand art and architecture and
literature. It's true that they probably won't give two
shakes about who won what football game, but they'll
dance with you late at night under the stars and they're
always looking for new ways to please you and usually
understand your deepest thoughts, often before you
understand them yourself.

They'll be your best friend and always treat you as
an equal, in fact, it will never even enter their mind
that you're not. They're almost always physically fit, too,
because they're usually the outdoorsy type and love to hike.
They never make fun of others, or discuss small ideas.
They enjoy discussing ways to improve the world and
the lives of others.

Sure, they won't slap you on your *** and tell you to get in
the kitchen and cook them some dinner and bring them a beer
while you're at it like those macho men on the right. Instead
they'll probably tell you to relax while they whip you up a
gourmet meal and serve it to you on the best dishes.

Yeah, you really gotta watch out for those liberal males.
I wrote this in response to a derogatory comment about liberal men.
 May 2015 Natalie
Sade LK
 May 2015 Natalie
Sade LK
My scars don't look like
Anyone else's-
They're more careful,
Organized, precise and
Not light, but
Never deep enough
Never deep enough
Never deep enough
Never deep enough.

People always ask why
I do such pretty patterns:
Because this is the only thing in life
That I can really control

And I find it so beautiful-
Though, not so much tragic.

My scars are not chaotic like a
They are consistent like a
Proof that I was awake
The whole time I was sleeping,
And I could feel everything
Even though I could tell no one.
No one.

That this
Unconscious obsessive compulsion
Demands order
Insists by instinct,
An intricate simplicity.

Still, I will 'ever envy
Those stitched gashes, once
Gushing with surrender and
Each raised and rough coarse collagen fiber
To form a white flag
Forever etched in flesh;
To tell the world
They, were a slave to freedom-

I am only a slave
To *myself.
Written December 6th & 8th, 2014
 Feb 2015 Natalie
Art Flores
The worst thing
Someone could do
Is underestimate
Someone's intelligence.*

- (A.F)
For the ones that
think they are not smart enough.

Copyright © 2015 Art Flores.
All rights reserved.
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