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raine cooper Nov 2016
some churches have bones,
and a graveyard for all the prayers
god didn't answer
raine cooper Jul 2016
you'll find her writing poems on cemetery flowers, and reading them to ghosts who aren't ready for goodbye
raine cooper Sep 2015
fall in love with a boy
who makes the world spin a little slower,
but still holds onto your hands
as if life were his final dance
raine cooper Sep 2015
maybe yours would be hands that stay
or your eyes, stars that won't burn out
maybe your waves would keep reaching,
instead of relentlessly leaving the shore
but i have said goodbye to parts of myself
and i know they'll never come back
the parts that love
the pieces that trust
they lay here shattered and broken
and i can't let anything close
because i am made entirely of ruins
and i destroy all that i touch
raine cooper Jul 2015
i need to get tangled in you, and forget that there's a world outside our door
raine cooper Jul 2015
i've never let go of your hand, even when you don't have the strength to hold mine
raine cooper Jul 2015
maybe love is to watch a thousand winters pass, and still stand by his side because you know he's made of spring

— The End —