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Auss May 2015
A soldiers life
is full of strife
but what keeps him strong
is a soldiers wife
Auss May 2015
Let me go to sleep tonight
while all is calm, and all is right
then take from me the awful blight
take from me the twinkling light

For when i lay upon the bed
dangerous thoughts flow through my head
makes me want to wind up dead
this cursed life finally shed

If i am to re-awake
it would be a grave mistake
while my own heart should seem so fake
to lose this world would ice the cake

I don't know serenity
I'm drowning in obscurity
Sorry to speak so blatantly
but you're the reason for my trivalty.
Auss May 2015
If you were a rock you'd be a diamond,
no not a diamond but a ruby
Not because of your red hair
but because of your impurity

Because even with impurity,
you still shine so bright to me.

I would be a lump of coal
burning bright
so you can shine,
for one brief moment
My light is thine.
little red i love you so much.  But i worry that maybe... i don't give you the light that you deserve
Auss May 2015
I wake up every morning
my heart for you is yearning
but your love I will never know
because for you I had to go
put on that uniform everyday
while you're on your knees to pray
I'd kiss your cheek and say good bye
then put on my wings so I could fly
I knew you couldn't see me
but I still tried to make you happy
Watching over you
making sure your sky stayed blue
I said I'd never leave
and I never did, so please believe
I may have passed beyond your touch
but I still love you oh so much
So please show me that grin
because I'll see you once again
I'll still be here when I'm gone, listen in the wind for my song. I love you beyond the test of time
Auss May 2015
Lit the match, to watch it catch a flame, the pain of passion is what's to blame. placing the world in a spire of fire that climbs ever higher.  Reaching for the sky refusing to die,  the spire of fire released a mournful cry.
I don't even know but hell why not?
Auss May 2015
You say you don't want to hurt me
I said you never could
in reality,  I meant you never would

I opened up to you
And to you I am 100% true
Please remember that

We have history you and me
You think you and he have any?
I want to be yours for once

Can't we just forget about you and him?
It makes my future start to seem really grim
Why not us like it used to be
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