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  Aug 2022 Modelrolex Augustine
In the land you dreamed

for us, I still wait for you --

dead and buried there.
"Makabrer Wettlauf" ("Macabre race", 1951-1953, Hilde Domin)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Sometimes, the words don’t come.

The consistent stream of consciousness, ceases.

I am left with nothing to say.

There is a beauty in the broken mind.

Like an abandoned building taken by nature.

It is not that my mind does not work.

It is that it works too fast,

And I am left behind,

Scrabbling in the dust,

Desperately seeking a connection,

In the discarded fragments of thought.

I am fighting a losing battle.

I fear the white flag will soon arise.

And signal the end.
  Jul 2022 Modelrolex Augustine
I hate that
In the rhythm of your ecstasy
In the rawness of your craving
I became powerless
To ignore the hunger
That your eyes fed mine
I wish
her scars were on my heart
and not on her arms.
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
  Jul 2022 Modelrolex Augustine
Be like the rain
unafraid to fall

Be like the sun
shining light upon all

Be like the wind
helping others take flight

Be the brave new dawn
after the dark stormy night
Be all you can be
See all you can see
D all you can D ;)
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