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Özcan Sh Jul 25
She put her head on my shoulder
and became cuter

her curls wraps around my neck
what will happen next?

her tender hand holds my hand
and looked me in the eyes

I fell in love with her
And kissed her under the sky.
Özcan Sh Jun 28
Broken heart pieces are
sharper than a knife.
Özcan Sh May 24
Lightning struck my heart
Rain drops fell from my eyes
The strong wind tries to knock me down

But I have to wait
Wait to sweep my thunderstorm away.
Özcan Sh May 9
I wish
her scars were on my heart
and not on her arms.
Özcan Sh May 4
I have seen so many broken hearts
And a fake smile on their masks

The beautiful song that I heard
Didn’t play anymore

I want to feel the warm sun again
I want to see the true love again

I gave them my last pieces of my heart
Just to hear the song
And see their warm smile again.
Özcan Sh Apr 22
You can say sorry
But it's better to
Change the story
Özcan Sh Apr 22
I looked into her fiery eyes
My love for her
Awakens like the phoenix
From his gray ashes.
had a rough month but i didnt leave HP :)
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