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Özcan Sh Dec 2021
Pen in my hand
The ink became red
Poetry isn’t dead
It’s still lives  
Inside my Chest  

I don’t have so much time to write but I still love poetry and it’s makes me feel alive again
Özcan Sh Jan 2021
Pen in my hand
Ink on the sheet
Heart starts to beating
This is how love begins for me.
Hi guys that’s my first poem in 2021! I miss you all guys I missed #HelloPoetry!
Özcan Sh Dec 2019
Her voice was like water
It extinguishes my inner fire.
Özcan Sh Jun 2019
Broken heart pieces are
sharper than a knife.
Özcan Sh May 2019
Lightning struck my heart
Rain drops fell from my eyes
The strong wind tries to knock me down

But I have to wait
Wait to sweep my thunderstorm away.
Özcan Sh May 2019
I wish
her scars were on my heart
and not on her arms.
Özcan Sh May 2019
I have seen so many broken hearts
And a fake smile on their masks

The beautiful song that I heard
Didn’t play anymore

I want to feel the warm sun again
I want to see the true love again

I gave them my last pieces of my heart
Just to hear the song
And see their warm smile again.
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