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The world was grey
Until I looked into
Her beautiful eyes.
Even if my heart is broken
I always try to heal hearts
With my pieces.
Özcan Sh Feb 9
Solve the hard puzzle in your mind
With the parts from my heart.
Özcan Sh Feb 9
A ride through the night
Stars sparkled all over the sky
And my heart fell in love
With her beautiful eyes.
Özcan Sh Feb 8
Even if she broke my heart
I would give her my last part
To see her smile again.
Özcan Sh Feb 2
She calls gently my name
Her flames embrace my heart
And melted my inner coldness away.
Özcan Sh Jan 27
I held the broken girl in my arms
Sharp parts cut deep into my heart

Blood dripped on the ground
Looked deep in my eyes
And she began to cry

I smiled at her
And wiped
Her rain away

The pain in my chest disappeared
Fixed her broken parts
With love from my heart

She bitted her lips
Stood on tiptoe
And pulled me down

She touched my lips
Under a cherrytree
And locked our hearts
With a unforgetable sweet kiss.
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