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 Oct 2018 mirjana
I’ve been thinking,
About life, about me
About, everything,

Things I do, things I say,
Things I think, how I feel,
How I act and how I speak,

And I realise how much
Of lie, I am, I live a lie,
Never being truly honest,

Because I can’t, and I can’t
Even say how sad I am or
How much, I hurt because

I can’t, and who’d care
And I’m scared, and if
I did, If I were to open
Up and say how I truly

Felt all of the time,
It would hurt to much,
It would be too hard,

I can’t get through,
It’s too hard to do,

I give up.
Sorry if this is a bit attention seeky, I’m not going to **** myself soon so if anyone worries, thank you but I’ll survive
 Sep 2018 mirjana
rohini singal
 Sep 2018 mirjana
rohini singal
your affection waxes and wanes like the moon
but unlike her
you come and go in no discernible patterns
you leave me parched for a glimpse
you let me glut on your presence
i sit shrouded in the dark
with my heart in my hands
and a telescope of yearning
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Emma Q
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Emma Q
I am fire in a lake
I am ice in the sun
I am everything
And nothing
All at once.
I am nothing more than
A girl in the crowd
Nothing more than
A bag of skin,
And bones
Beneath the clouds.
I live several versions of myself
I am a friend
A sister
A daughter
I am me.
 Sep 2018 mirjana
objects in the distance may be closer than they appear  

how many thousands of times
these words mirrored blankly upon my eyes

only today did I-read them accurate

from the nowhere    from a great void
someone stepped and lifted me from a
rubbled prone
where there were no options
asking for nothing
over and over I beseeching

now I see
in the mirror
those words

I see only them
in the heart human
the object so close
it writ upon my face
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Ismail Nasution
I can't remember
Whether it's love or leave
That hurts the most
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Look at me.
I am crying.

My pain, it burns.
But that’s okay,

I’ll love you anyway.
I’ll let you hurt my heart.
I’ll let you steal my soul.
I’ll let you burn my brain.
I’ll give you everything

As long as you promise me this:
Don’t cut my vessel.
I wrote this for someone i choose not to speak of thy name...
I do not remember the exact date.
darkness engulfs the earth
Exhausted souls yearn to rest
Roasted bodies burn to best
My Head on the ache as pain
Bangs it to the neck.
Deep into an atlantic of thoughts i get,
Scary scenes is all I let,
En their comes a dream
Their comes a drrrreeeaaam
That builds a wall between me and my sleep.
Their comes a silent scream in my mind phobic of closing my eyes coz I might shut them forever.
I'm afraid to sleep coz I'm afraid I might wake up dead.
Their comes a scary dream as I long to be the "night mayor".
 Sep 2018 mirjana
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Stress consumes your mind like fire in a forest
It ignites the anger inside to arise as smoke clouds around your eyes
In this moment you are so horribly enraged,
So terribly uncomfortable inside and out,
That you can't control your actions, your words, or the way you feel
You snap, you glare, you place the blame
Once you calm down you realize you are only angry at yourself
And the anger is replaced by regret and fatigue
You're tired of this cycle
Tired of feeling so out of control
This is what stress does
It eats you apart from the pit of your stomach and only consumes more and more till it reaches your mind and you are entirely taken apart
Like the string on an old sweater stress frays the steadiness you contain
 Sep 2018 mirjana
Come Back.
 Sep 2018 mirjana
There was something innocent in his touch
It was if he
Found something in me
That he'd been thirsting for
It was if he
Was losing himself
And didn't care.
And oh
I loved him, I loved him
In that moment I loved him and
I didn't want to let him go.

I want to feel you again.

— The End —