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Josh May 2022
Feel the same every day,
Pure pain won’t go away,
I’ve got no reason to stay,
I know you feel the same,

Pressure making me submit,
The crushing urge to just quit,
I’ve decided I’m going to end it,
Blank face, cold hands, wrists slit.
Josh Dec 2019
I hope life gives purpose,
I’m sick of all the hurting,
And feeling so murderous,

Thoughts of violence,
Flowing in abundance,
I need that something,

I really need loving,
To do some sharing,
To feel some caring,

Love is the answer, the key
I’m over flowing with hate,
But, there’s more love in me,

But no one’s loving me,
So much love in me,
No one will ever see,
There’s more to loving me.

But I’ll show no love to him,
And no one’s loving him,
Love in him I’ll never see,
So he shows no love to me.
Josh Dec 2019

Linger in the pain caused by you,
Oppress my uncontrollable feelings,
Value every moment and memory,
Embrace the sensation of seeing you,

You appreciate me unconditionally,
Obsess over every detail about me,
Understand always and support too,

I love you.
Love is all, loves stands tall, just something small, can effect us all, in love you’ll fall, with a lovely soul, it’ll push and pull, but love will stand tall...because love is all.
Josh Dec 2019
Teary eyes, it’s only me who try’s,
I love those eyes but hate your lies,
But even more, I hate goodbyes,

And cutting ties, Cutting loose,
From your tight noose, closing
My windpipe, I think it’s alright
Because you are my life light,

The singular light in my cold life,
Relieving pressure on this cold knife,
Wresting on my wrist, wrestling this,
Dark feeling from all my **** dealings,

Dealing with my pain,
It won’t go away,
I just can’t stay,
Another day.
Darkness is a lonely person best friend, but it’s the worst person to have and that’s why a lonely person would prefer a good person’s company if they could, reach out to people you know and people you don’t, be a light in their darkness, sometimes it helps more than you realise
Josh Dec 2019
She’s a light in the darkness,
With ocean eyes, Indie vibes,
Loves lifes highs, tells no lies,

Stretch marks on her thighs,
Hips, ****, honesty is all she
Ever asks, a Real Woman.

Her curvy silhouette,
Slim, smooth waist,
And Impeccable taste,  

She’s gained another fan,
Had plenty of boyfriends,
But she’s never had a man,

She’s had plenty of endings,
But never love with no ends,
Affection and attention,

Thoughts and a mention,
To his friends, his family,
All that’s ever on his mind,

She’s precious, and so kind,
Straight talker, no messing,
A woman so perfect, a rare find,

There’s so much to love in her
But no one’s really loving her,
So she shows zero love in her,

So much more to loving her,
An alliance, great guidance,
Miss independent herself,

Has no need for anyone else,
She can really hold her own,
Like a queen on a thrown,

Nothing that she can’t do
Nothing that she can lose,
No one, she can’t choose

She’ll get treated well,
Get everything she deserves,
I know that she’ll prevail,

Everything that she’s learned,
I know she’ll use it well,
With her you won’t get burnt,

Her head won’t get turned,
Her heart will start the same
So if you lose her, you’re to
Never hurt a woman, physically or emotionally.
Josh Apr 2019
He was chasing love,
Because he didn’t know
What else to chase,
Because he’d had enough
Of his everyday life,
No feelings, just thoughts
No passion, no care,
Half asleep, half the time,
Blurriness clouds his
Mind, hard to sleep when
It’s time, constant

Struggle to find, someone
That he can rely on,
Someone that’ll reply and
Someone that’ll try,
Someone to make a fuss
Over him, someone
That’ll see, the good in him,
His buried happiness,

Hidden by the fake smiles,
Pretending to laugh,
But he didn’t find it funny and
It’s funny because,
The things he does find funny,
Aren’t funny anymore,
Working, eating, meeting,
Normal life’s a bore,
Apart from sleep of course.
please let me know what you think!
Josh Apr 2019
You know you love her,
When hearing her upset,
Actually hearing he cry,
Causes you physical pain
From deep inside,
And twisted true guilt,
To stop the tears,
And tell her how much,
You love her.
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