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Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2022
...I tried though. It's going to be tough for me but ill pull through eventually. Be the best that you were meant to be, I can't fault you, it's destiny that puts us here, I'll always remember you In my entire life. It's tough but I say thank you.
One thing that will surely assassinate my enthusiasm is that, I'll miss our striking dialogues and the in-depth critiques of various passages. Our pragmatic we're unduly impressive. Yet again say thank you. I understand you've replaced me already and all can desire for you and your new affair is the fairest the world can devote.
It's unfortunate how an ounce away we were from our anniversary but Iv got little to achieve. May the good lord conserve your ambitions and amplify your vigor. Pray for my soundness as I'm crowded in a puddle of grief. Yet again I say thank you. YOU'RE FOREVER BE BEAUTIFUL.
Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2022
If you've never
greeted the essence of my heart, you'll seldom witness the presence of my intellect.
Lazarus nyakundi Jan 2021
Is shared wisdom
Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2020
I set my gazes on you and discover so much assurance
so ample of stamina and always inclined to a natural true blue
I have not felt much of you but
I can notice with solace your glamorous essence in the thick of your expressions.
As you turn a year older
I hope you possess up to ***** vitality to pursue your ambitions,
to infer what's true to you and satisfy all that you heave a lantern for,
that you 'shadow your dreams and 
be the first-rate woman you are foreordained to be.

joyeux anniversaire.
Birthday poem,
Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2020
Just because I don't walk in LIGHT" doesn't mean I'm walkin in DARKNESS"
Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2020
Within flashes of the owl light
                 And the seeping day,
        In nightfall and in advent spells,
               I dwell in gunmetal grey
And dribble around the "Luna and the "Solis"

Lazarus nyakundi Sep 2020
Bijou journals
idolized recollections
      on an instant's
       stripped page

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