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557 · Mar 2018
Welcome To Life
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
In the wake of Dawn
She cries and moans
In her womb was a little one
Alas she’s delivered of a son
“Welcome My Boy to the World”

He finds comfort in her warmth and
Finally decides she should be Mom
He looks around with dreamy eyes
Straight into her tear filled eyes
He cant understand what was wrong
But ‘tis her way of showing Joy
“Get Ready for Life Boy…Get ready”

In comes a man who embraces Mom
Carries him up and says praise to God
The way he smiled says he was Dad
He felt so strong to be in these arms
And slept hearing these words twice
“Welcome To Life, Welcome To Life”
This was my very 1st complete poem. I wrote this when I was 17
377 · Mar 2018
Silence and Tears
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
Long have I searched for answers,
Met not one that knows
Over different lands and waters
This quest takes me high and low
The furnace heats up and I cannot bear
But clutch my heart with silence and tears

A thin line between love and hate,
Many have died in faith or is it fate,
For things they believe or things they want to believe,
Many talk, many walk, many more fear,
But in those last moments, they take it all in silence and tears.

First it was love, now it is hate,
Vengeance burns red in her heart like hells gate
Who could she tell, who would believe her
Weak and helpless she succumbs to her father
Who always has his way and ties her to a chair
Here she cries every night...In silence and tears

Another day, another lay- he would say
Little did he know there was a price to pay
Now he lays helpless on his sick bay
Another passenger on the broad way
If only he’d known there was something to fear,
He wouldn’t be here, watching them – watching him
In silence and tears

In my darkness I see the light,
Blazing hot but not blinding me eyes
Now, I remember it was sometime in March
It must have come from her smile
The kind that puts color on a black heart
With only a name she leaves me in silence and tears.
341 · Mar 2018
Hot Car
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
I get a hard-on whenever I see a hot car
I wanna pump it…yes…I just wanna floor the gas
Blinkers in my rear view when I flash by
Them no fit catch me, not even my tail lights

I like tuners but I really dig exotics
Classy, flashy plus it gets me hot chicks
See the look in her eyes when I do car tricks
Zoom zoom zoom …screeeeech…next please
158 · Aug 2018
Love and Death
Mike Chigo Aug 2018
Love or death
Death of love
Love or death
Dead for love
Love and death
Lost in grief having lost lover to death

— The End —