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Did you ever make him laugh
I mean really genuinely laugh
did you ever look him in the eye
and just get the feeling
that this is where you were supposed to be
...with him

or did you just see his last name
did you just see yourself at parties
with people who matter
buying houses
with backyards that never end

did she ever make you happy
i mean really genuinely happy
did you ever look her in the eye
and just get the feeling
that this is where you were supposed to be
...with her

or did you just see her, simple her
did you just see her ability to deny
her sheer naiveness
someone who you knew would come crawling back
no matter how ******* up you got

will you ever tell me the truth
admit you were never in love
that this marriage was just a way to benefit each other
or will you let me think that love eventually becomes this

i used to say "**** happens"
but this isn't ****. this is ****.
and **** doesn't happen
i am not a damsel in distress.

neither am i an idle princess waiting for some knight in shining armor to come and save her.

i am the dragon.

and you should go save yourself.
the thing is
i loved you
than i should've
Perhaps I was just,
Another notch on your belt,
Of the 84 women you've ever dated.

I like to think,
What we had was far deeper,
For it lasted four times longer,
Than any of your others.

But you moved right on,
As if we had been nothing,
But a gust of wind in the summer:
Beautiful, but fleeting
You told me "I love you"
You said that you care
But now we are strangers
Because love isn't fair...

What happened to your commitment?
What happened to everything you said?
Why is our life now so different
Than the one we had once led?

Was it my mistake for leaving?
Was it your mistake for letting me go?
My life has lost all meaning
And I just wanted you to know...

I told you "I love you"
I told you I care
Our love now is broken
Because love isn't fair...
 Jan 2015 Maytin Paige
ema m
there’s no way to describe the feeling that enveloped me once you left
but if i were to have to do so
i would say that it felt like cold tendrils wrapping around my neck
******* my every last breath

if i were to have to put it into words
i would say that it felt like dull tweezers plucking at my heart
tearing it apart
not all at once
but piece by piece

if i were to have to explain myself
i would say it was like drowning in the arctic
the cold water
a brutal reminder of the cruel reality
where you left me
to sit alone
and surrender to the insanity
that has slowly consumed me
is it weird
losing your ability to write the moment you're happy again
or does that mean you never really had an ability at all
 Dec 2014 Maytin Paige
she was a poet,
and he was her pen.
in him,
she always found words to write,
songs to sing,
thoughts to think.

he'd smile,
and kiss her softly,
and say,
"write me a poem."

and she would.
she'd put poe,
and whitman,
and shakespeare to shame,
and she'd write a poem that made his eyes water.

she'd compare him
to a rose with no thorns,
a book with no end,
a world with no poverty --
the things we all wish for,
but can never attain.


he asked her one day,
"what am i?"
and so she picked up her pen,
and began the usual:
you are the shining sun after a hurricane,
with rays that open the eyes of the blind.

but he stopped her after those two lines,
and said that this time,
he didn't want any metaphors,
or similes,
or analogies.
he wanted the truth.

and so on that night,
as he slept,
the poet picked up her pen,
and she wrote.

she wrote,
then thought better of it,
then started over again,
and this cycle continued well into the early hours of the morning,
until suddenly,
she wrote, frantic,
if i can't love you for what you really are,
have i ever really loved you at all?

this, too,
she thought better of,
condemning it to the trash.

the next morning the poet was gone,
her final work a mere two words:

i'm sorry.

this is more of a story than a poem but i like how it came out so leave thoughts & comments please
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