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Nick M
eliza bonnet
Your name remains anonymous but your words carry through. you know thoroughly of my flaws and have studied my face to such an extent that ...
No one will ever love you as much as an artist can , even on your worst days they will find poetry in the knots ...
I write to hopefully get out feelings I keep bottled inside
Sydney Victoria
F/Minnesota    Scribbling Down Endless Thoughts
Scotland    Be your own anchor
maybella snow
where i don't want to be    is happiness a thought or feeling? or does it fall like snow and eventually cover everything?
London    I hope you like the poems. - I sometimes post stories with music onto this.
London    My life has no direction.
Esme Stumborg
Vancouver, B.C    I write about what hurts.
If I like flowers, then why do I hate myself this much.
Erica A Arnold
Chicago    I write to find my voice, like Goldilocks and breadcrumbs....picking apart the pieces, these are clues to my sanity.
Wilted Seaweed
Utah    What was~What could be
Christian HM
Ferelden    Cisguy, queer Identifying, tired, and a ton of other identities and cant think to bring up

— The End —