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13.6k · Jan 2014
Video Game
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Do you pause
your video game
to answer her back?
Or do you keep answers short until
she stops responding,
like I do?
5.0k · Jun 2014
Emotional Recovery
Maytin Paige Jun 2014
The doctor tells me my results.
Three injuries in one.
I would need surgery.
Tears welled in my eyes.
I could no longer play the sports I loved.
Was this the end?
My ACL decided athletics had taken it's toll,
and my menisci was right along with it.
The bruised bone was a bonus though.
Was this the end?
Could I emotionally handle
the recovery?
The recovery of heartbreak from simple test results
The recovery from physical damage
The recovery of surgery that joined my main muscles back together again
The recovery of a new muscle, foreign to me
Will I ever be fully recovered?
The simple test results that can crush dreams.
4.3k · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
He may be old,
but he is the most
handsomest man
Mid-sixties maybe.
His eyes are blue.
Pale blue but circled by dark blue.
His hair is gray,
but was once brown.
His skin is wrinkled and worn
but was once smooth.
His face is small
and heart-shaped.
I can't stop staring at him.
I imagine him
as a young boy,
entering the military
in a green suit.
The way he smiled for his picture.
How he hugged his crying mother goodbye.
Smoked a cigarette as he served for his country.
Overcome the nightmares
he's seen and heard
while protecting America.
He was handsome then
and he is handsome now.
He holds the door open with a smile
and I thank him for
the dinner that he
bought for his wife,
my parents,
and me.
4.2k · Dec 2013
To Be Superman
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
You know,
I've realized
that you don't need
to fly
to be Superman.
You don't need to be strong
to be Superman.
You don't have to be fast
to be Superman.
You don't have to have super vision,
super hearing,
super intelligence,
or super breath
to be Superman.
We all have a weakness,
yours is said to be
You don't have to have super powers
to be Superman.
You don't have to wear an S on your chest,
to be Superman.
People don't have to know you
to be Superman.
To be Superman,
you just have to fight for what you love.
2.9k · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Emotions wash over me.
You know
I'd never want to hurt you.
I never meant to start a war.
We refuse to swallow our pride.
We're going to lose everything we have
if one doesn't surrender.
We go from love to a battlefield
in under .02
One word.
It's always the smallest the things
that tear us down.
I'm standing here without my shield.
Neither of us want to raise our flag.
My hands seem to be tied behind my back.
Guess you better go
get your armor.
I don't even know what we're fighting for.
Why can't we pretend to be friends?
Then everything will be alright.
I don't this to be a battlefield.
Sooner or latter,
I'm going to swallow my pride
and raise that flag.
I never meant it.
I never wanted to start a war.
I never meant to hurt you.
Because, baby, I don't want this to be a battlefield.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
You nod towards
the mustang.
A yellow ball in your hands.
I smile and slip a bat from my softball bag.
I climb into the drivers seat,
sticking my tongue out at you.
You laugh and climb in.
I drive to the track and field combination
with the seatbelt alarm chiming the whole way.
I shift into park and climb out.
I swirl the bat around
waiting for you to set up your pitching stance.
You throw the ball and I line drive it by your face.
You dive left and up.
The ball smacks into your glove.
I round second and you start running after me.
I step off third and your arms trap me
as you spin around
bringing me down
on top of you.
We burst with laughter.
I miss these days.
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I feel
by those
blonde whiskers on your chin.
They make you look older,
I wonder if
you're just too lazy to shave
or haven't gotten chance to get around to it.
2.4k · Jan 2014
Old Beat Up Truck
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
It's just an old beat up truck.
Nothing more.
It's nothing
but it means so much.
There's too many memories.
I watch in silence
as she tries to switch gears
with a frustrated attitude.
She yanks the gear shift back
trying to shift into second.
I set my hand on her arm
She looks up and stops.
Clutch in and ease into second.
She takes a deep breath and starts back in first.
She shifts into second easily now.
I smile
and stay in silence.
She cruises down through the field
and I set my hand on her arm again.
She looks up as the truck slows.
I tell her it'll all be okay
and that she's doing great.
Which is true.
I tell her I love her.
Because this is just another memory to add with this
old beat truck.
The same one I've been told that I should trade in.
But it means so much more than getting a new truck.
2.1k · Dec 2013
Cheap Caramel Latte
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I twisted the dollar bill around my finger and then into a bow.
I rolled it up.
I twisted it around my finger once again,
wishing the lady in front of me would order already
instead of asking what EVERY drink was.
I just wanted my latte.
I don't want to have to wait until next Christmas just to order it.
Oh my god, lady!  Get out of my way!
Finally, she turned to the man at the other end of the counter, who is waiting for his coffee.
What did you get, Jim?
Caramel Macchiato, Cheryl
She turns back to the cashier, And what's a Caramel Macchiato?
It's an espresso, consisting of milk and two-three shots with caramel syrup, ma'am
Hmm, I guess I'll have that. A small please.
Just as I think she's done, she steps back in front of me.
And a red velvet know what, make that two.
The cashier rings her up and I'm slowly nudging her away from the counter.
I smile, Hello Maddox.
I hand him the 5 dollar bill and he stretches behind him and sets my latte in front of me.
Thanks Maddox.
I take my latte and change and walk around to the back, up the back stairs and into the book store.
I sit cross legged in a mustard colored vinyl chair, setting my coffee on the flat arm.
My shoes fall to the floor.
My book falls open to where I marked it last.
I bite the inside of my cheek as I continue to read and taste the cheap caramel in my overpriced latte.
2.0k · Jan 2014
A Drawing
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I watch as his pen flicks up and out
many times.
He's sketching.
He never sketches.
He doesn't draw.
Something's up.
The scene comes to be
a landscape.
Tall grass,
thick trunks
from green trees,
a blue pond
with ripples
that spread
and dissipate.
A worn down
is hidden
in the background.
I imagine it to be red
with peeling paint.
This is the second day in a row.
Have you picked up a  new hobby?
Or are you bothered by something more
than you can express?
The paper comes to life before my eyes
as the drawing is so realistic
so detailed
so well drawn.
1.9k · Feb 2015
Maytin Paige Feb 2015
I only ever seem to have flirtationships.
Never relationships.
I feel that's what tires me most.
The thought of something being wrong with me runs its course-
over and over.
It's no question that you can tell when I like someone.
Body language is readable and I can't seem to change it.
A smile is usually constant.
My laugh is often.
My face usually reddens and I feel warm.
I am obviously aware of their presence.
A casually awkward conversation turns flirty
and ****** references
begin to enter everyday conversation.
Everything's going great.
Then fate takes it toll.
They decide to drop me,
or we slowly die out
and grow apart.
My heart breaks
due to the attachment that grew
because I saw distance in our flirting-
while they must've seen a sentence affair.
it's me
it's always me.

Yet, I can never figure out what is quite wrong with me
and no cares to tell me.
Someone new comes along and the cycle begins over again
and there's nothing I can do to help it.
I always have flirtationships,
Never relationships.
1.9k · May 2014
Prom Night
Maytin Paige May 2014
Did you decide to go?
Maybe go out with some friends afterwards and
toast to being a year closer to graduating?
Did you decide to ask the freshman who is only popular because of the clothes she wears and things she does?
Or are you staying home?
Are you all dressed up in a tux?
Possibly wondering what I'm doing and
what would it be like if you
had asked me?
Or maybe you're just getting off work and had decided to skip on Prom this year?
Are you walking onto the dance floor at this moment with a date or your friends and wondering if you should have asked
me instead-
while I sit here reading my book
and wondering if you're thinking of me?
1.9k · Mar 2014
Wild Child
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I want to be
that wild seventeen year old.
Doing things that Daddy would let me spend
the night in jail for.
Take me out past that ranch
where no one should be.
Ignore the sign on the fence as we jump it and
run like hell
having the time of our lives.
Let's go down by the river and spin
those ATV and Jeep tires in that brown mud.
Go sit out behind that ole barn,
peeling with paint,
and down a bottle of whiskey.
Let's be innocent and free.
But I can't be that person-
I will maintain a clean record
and live my life safely.
No matter how much the edge temps me.
I just wanna be that wild
seventeen year old
before it's too late.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Everyone says
that Romeo & Juliet
is the
greatest love story
of all time.
I happen to agree.
But not because
they commit suicide
due to their passion for each other,
but because of you.
We read Romeo and Juliet as a class.
Act II Scene II
Capulet's Orchard.
I was Juliet.
And you sat across the room in your desk.
Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say 'Ay,'
I read.
I heard you say,
as did the class.
No one said a word
but waited for me to continue.
And I will take thy word: yet if thou swear'st,
And maybe I did take your word for it.
Though, maybe I shouldn't have.
1.7k · Dec 2013
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I am selfish.
                   You are nothing of the sort.
I am cliche.
                   Of which you are not.
i dream of boys like every girl does
i dream of love under the timeline of forever
i believe passion drives us to insanity
i believe that we're born to waste away this planet, only to die
i dream of freedom
i dream of kindness and fantasies
                     This sounds of similarity and unlikeness.
we are all selfish. whether we are kind or arrogant. we are all selfish and are too blind to see. but one thing is true: ignorance is bliss.

because being non-knowing cannot hurt you.
                     We don't hurt ourselves.
oh, this is very untrue. we do, indeed, hurt ourselves.
                      How is that so?
we create so much passion for something that does not return it in any form. therefore, we set ourselves up for failure.
                       But when the passion is ubiquitously returned....?
we still set ourselves up for failure. even when we are being adored, we dream of better, wishfully hoping, therefore, setting us for failure.

*in this way, we are selfish.
1.6k · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
You'll say my name
and I hope
it tastes
as it leaves your lips.
I know when I say yours,
it is bittersweet.
But that's partially because I
loved you.
But I'm moving forward.
I plan to follow my dreams,
like you wanted me to do
but never helped me.
Even though you did try.
As you move on,
remember that
you only deserve the best.
And you'd probably tell me the same thing,
saying you deserve nothing.
Your name is bittersweet as my lips form around it.
I'm trying to move on
I don't want to move on
because that means I had done it without you.
You are my bittersweet memories.
1.5k · Jan 2014
Ferris Wheel
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I ride
My nail picks at the
peeling paint.
The sun beats down upon me.
Forming beads of sweat on my neck.
The cart comes
to a jerking stop
at the top.
I close my eyes
when we start moving again.
The wind blows against my burnt face.
I breathe in
the sweet smell of
hot dogs
and hamburgers
and cotton candy
as they fill my nostrils.
I wish to be young again.
Young. Innocent.
On this Ferris Wheel.
Because growing old,
it just ain't right.
On this Ferris Wheel,
I forget that I was upset.
I forget that I am growing old.
I feel young again,
on this Ferris Wheel.
1.4k · Mar 2014
Guitar Picks
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
You were the boy
with the black guitar.
I remember listening to you express how
you'd learn to play one day
and start a band.
That was once my dream too.
Not with you though.
I wanted to be the founder,
the singer,
the guitar player.
I couldn't sing,
and I definitely couldn't play guitar.
I still can't,
though I try to teach myself everyday.
I gave up on that dream
but you followed it
and made it happen.
You sat next to me,
though you didn't want to.
You touched me,
though you didn't mean to.
You apologized,
though you didn't have to.
Maybe it was then
that you knew you wanted
the relationship
we once had
as children.
Now you leave guitar picks laying around
for me to collect.
1.4k · Dec 2013
You vs. Her vs. Me
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
He likes you
This I know.
He doesn't like her
I also know this.
He touches you,
talks to you,
has fun with you.
He is bipolar towards her.
He's grown used to her ways,
lived them,
loved them,
learned from them,
hated them.
People say she's consumed with jealousy.
What they don't know,
is that she isn't.
She is not jealous.
She does not get jealous-it's not her.
She's come to the knowledge of:
He's not hers, she has no reason to be jealous
Come to knowledge that
She can't be jealous of something that's not hers
Come to the realization that
He may never be hers
and she's perfectly fine with that.

Now you-
You're in the same position they were.
You're just a different version of her.
You've come to the knowledge that
He doesn't like her
Come to the knowledge that
He does care for you
Come to the realization that
You can rub him in her face

But do you realize that she doesn't care?
I assume you don't.
I know you don't.
Because you are one of those people.
Because you are unaware.
This is not a game.
This is reality.
This is manipulation.

I've learned to read people.
I can read you.
I can read her.
I can read them.
I can read us.
Once a person is able to read others,
they become full of knowledge.
Knowledge of
peoples' lives
This is reality.
This is life.
1.4k · Jul 2014
I Regret Everything
Maytin Paige Jul 2014
I regret everything.
I regret my decision to stay in sports,
give it one last shot to live out my dreams.
I regret twisting my knee.
I regret tearing my ACL and meniscus.
I regret having surgery.
Because if I could go back now and change it all from the beginning,
I wouldn't be here.
Stuck laying in my bed for at least two weeks
with my my leg sensitive and in pain.
Nothing to do but sleep and watch movies all day long.
I regret giving my life away for these three months
to make my knee heal.
I regret everything
I just want my life back.
1.3k · Jun 2015
Horrible Person
Maytin Paige Jun 2015
You don't need to tell me.
I know I'm a horrible person.
I say stuff I probably shouldn't.
I know about stuff I probably shouldn't.
I've never cared what people think of me or what they say about me.
But I try so hard to be a good person.
I try to help as much as possible.
I try to be nice to everyone.
I try to have a good heart.
I say stuff I probably shouldn't.
I know about stuff I probably shouldn't.
I get annoyed easily.
I snapped when someone keeps pushing me after I become annoyed.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry my filter doesn't catch all of the information I know about.
I'm sorry I know so much information.
I'm sorry I get annoyed.
I'm sorry that I have a pushing limit.
I"m sorry I'm a horrible person.
1.3k · Apr 2015
Maytin Paige Apr 2015
I'm told you've been in a crash and now in the hospital.
I fish for facts, to know what's going on.
I hear you were stuck head-on on your side, that you have broken bones and a brain injury, that you're in a medically induced coma.
My heart pauses.
I can't think.
I don't believe it.
Then the news story pops up on our local paper's website.
Your friend turned in front of another car which struck you, and your sister in the backseat. The two of you have serious injuries, you're critical. But the two drivers have walked away uninjured.
I just want you to wake up.
Could it have been avoided?
I can't let you leave, I need you here with me.
I need you to push through.
I need God to prevail.
I want to sit by your bedside and demand you wake up but I know that won't help.
I've slipped into a mind coma. I can't smile. I feel numb.
I just want you to wake up.
I just want you to wake up so we can both leave this coma.
Love you Ells. I need you here. We need you here. We'll all be waiting for you when you wake up. <3
1.2k · Jun 2014
Acting It Out
Maytin Paige Jun 2014
You were going to teach me to snowboard
and watch me fall on my ***
uncountable times and laugh until I threw a snowball at your face.
I was going to watch you longboard as I licked the $2 ice cream cone I'd bought.
The one you insisted on licking before boarding off into the sunset.
It hurts that we act like none of this ever happened
because you didn't even tell me you were leaving.
You didn't get to see the makeup run down my face
or the tears escape my eyes.
I don't get to know the reason you left me alone.
Even though we act like we're both fine,
are you off feeling lonely
wondering where I am?
Because we up and dropped those dreams we once shared.
And though we act like we're both fine,
It's easy for me to put up a front
and act it all out.
1.2k · Aug 2014
Football Experience
Maytin Paige Aug 2014
Do you go home and shower that
dried mud and stalks of grass off
after a rainy game of football?
Do you blast the AC on the drive
home-because while on the field,
everyone around you can see the
heat escaping from your head?
Do you get a rush of energy
from those tackles you made?
Do you get pumped up from
that win you just got?
You've got me interested in
your football experience.
Tell me about it as I sit
here, interested.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Converse Boy
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
You walk through the door
blonde hair
blue eyes
126 lbs-from being tall-
thin as a stick
long, skinny face.
I look down to see what shoes you're wearing today.
Converse, as always.
Yesterday, they were white.
I've seen you wear
All hightops.
I am curious to how many pairs you
actually own.
What color will you wear today?
and tomorrow?
Maybe Thursday of next week?
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
The moment that you look around
and realize that
your main group
of people
in French Class
are the Breakfast Club of your school.
****** is closed off, hurting inside but hiding it from the world.
Claire talks to her 'kind', disgusted by those around her.
Allison stays quiet, before opening up and realizing what these people hold within.
Brian is outspoken, telling people how it is.
Andrew is sporty, knows what to do when the situation arises and tries to take control.
We're not perfect.
We don't consider each other friends necessarily.
But we're not quite acquaintances.
We have nothing in common
-being total opposites,
but we click in a weird understanding
sort of way.
We're not friends.
We just click.
K, M, D, B, & I. Realizing something so simple and true.
K is ******, M is Claire, I am Allison, D is Brian, and B is Andrew.
RIP to Mr. John Hughes, we all miss your genius mind.
1.1k · Mar 2014
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I laugh as the Jeep
dives nose first into the huge pothole
of mud.
It splatters across my windshield,
turning my white Wrangler
He chuckles from the passenger
This was once your idea.
You tried to talk me into going.
Even when I already wanted to,
you wanted it more-
with me.
When I brought it up,
you said you had plans.
I told you to tell me when
and stopped asking.
You held off and
he came into the picture.
I now have the relationship
I once believed
would be
you and me.
You had stopped contacting me
and I wasn't going to be the one all over
But now that I'm with him,
you want back in.
You had
I never understood why you liked her.
She just used you.
The Jeep takes another dive,
headlights first.
My phone vibrates in the cupholder.
It's you.
Citing lyrics from a song that
I once made you listen to.
Do he take care of you? Or could I easily fill his shoes?
You hated that song,
now why are you sending me lyrics?
Because I don't know whether I want
you in my life again or not.
My back tires spin in the hole and I can't get out.
He crawls out and start to dig us out
as the tires spin and splatter him
with mud.
Caking his entire body.
That could be you,
but he's the one I'm mudding
1.1k · May 2014
You Left Me Unanswered
Maytin Paige May 2014
We left these everything unanswered
and never had any form of closure.
You left me with these memories,
the good ones great,
the bad ones not so great.
I'm sorry for everything I've done,
but maybe if you show me what your dreams are made of,
we can make sense of this ordeal.
Because I know you still have something, buried deep within.
Did you want to tell me about selling your car?
Did you want to text me about the scar that now wraps around your ankle?
If you're done with us,
and trying to get over our conversations and memories,
than I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me out of it.
Close the door on the way out instead of trying to waste my time.
But if I'm the one wasting your time,
it's your call.
You left me,
so maybe I'll go show someone else what my dreams are made of.
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
cue laughing and happy memories,
which slowly die out
Having history with someone,
everything is different.
We've claimed friends
We've hid feelings,
or tried to.
We have memories.
Being obnoxious together.
Having heartfelt conversations.
Sharing laughs.
Realizing how much we actually relate.
Sharing secrets.
Telling each other stuff no one knows.
Making promises.
Keeping them, too.
Gotten ourselves in dangerous situations.
Fighting of stupid little things
and things that bothered us way to much.
Talked about plans for the future.
Saying how we were going to follow our dreams,
make them come true.

They say that once you hit high school,
and once you escape to the real world,
you grow apart.
Don't look at people who you used to care for.
Believe in people who don't care for you.
I thought that was our case.
We were a bunch of childhood friends.
But if I needed you,
you were there.
You always replied.
You were rude
and caring
and nervous
and bored.
I almost didn't look your way,
for more than I needed to.
You were someone
who I had been friends with
who I shared a class, here and there, with.
That's all you were,
Until someone brought us up.
Being together.
Saying we were perfect.
Telling us what we had dreamed of as little kids.
Stupid dreams and future love.
Maybe they were right.
That'd make us geniuses as little kids-
stupid adolescents.
My brain shifted back to our little kid dreams.
I knew yours did too.
Just for a while.
we still laugh.
You anger me more than anyone anymore.
Some of the stuff you've said.
Some of the situations you put me in.
Sometimes I think I see you staring.
But I wonder,
do I imagine it?
Or is there longing still there inside of you?

As I write this,
I sit behind my door,
with my back to the wall.
Curiosity has consumed me.
My mind has been taken over by stupid kids that I don't even care about.
If it weren't for them
I wouldn't have come to this conclusion.
We'd still be classmates,
former friends.
But now,
I sit and wonder
do we really care for each other?
Or do we loathe each other,
just happy with the company of loathing?
I sit here, writing this,
repeatedly running my hand through my hair,
feeling up and down,
staring out the window
into beyond,
looking to nature and its beauty
as if it were to give me an answer.
Curiosity has consumed me,
but I know, that deep down
there is more than loathing
in your soul
and in mine.
cue laughing and memories
that slowly die out
1.0k · Dec 2013
I Care More Than You Think
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
My phone rang,
and without a thought
or glance at the screen
I picked up with a
I know I said I'd never do this, but I wanna talk...
I straightened in my chair.
Of course, what's going on?
I let my out breath
that I had been holding in.
I'm thinking about it...I'm thinking about hurting myself
I took a few more chews of my gum.
You don't have to.
I know. That's why I'm calling.
I continue to subconsciously tap my pen on my notepad.
Do you remember what I told you when you first mentioned this to me?
He clears his throat and it rumbles through the phone.
I told you that people care.
There's a pregnant pause.
Do they really though?
Yes, depending on who you're thinking of.
He stays silent.
What are you doing?
I try to calm him down.
Talking to you.
Thanks Captain Obvious.
He laughs.
You're welcome Sergeant Sarcasm.
A laugh escapes my mouth.
Can I ask you a question?
Why? Why do you want to?
He's silent and I can see him staring off, searching for the answer himself.
Because I'm not good enough.
Of course you are, babe.
He pauses.
Did you just call me babe?
I gnaw on the inside of my cheek.
I did....Can I ask you another question?
Without a response, I ask anyway.
What do you want?
I capture my top lip between my teeth and tongue, pinching it in.
The truth?
The truth.
I honestly don't know.
A small smile turns the corners of my lips up.
You have plenty of time to figure it out.
Why did you decide to call me?
I want to hear his answer.
You know, I said that I'd never call you, especially for this.
I was afraid I'd scare you.
And I don't want to scare you.

Not much scares me. I just worry.
Well, scaring or worrying, I don't want to bother you
with my problems.
I just felt I should. See how I'd feel.

You can always come to me, you should know this by now. And how do you feel?
Like we're kids again. I miss being innocent.
Me too, but there's nothing we can do to change it.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Anytime. I'm always here.
He tells me goodnight and hangs up.
I hope that I made him change his mind.
I hope he feels comfortable enough to call me
whenever he needs me.
Because he's there,
when I need him.
He just seems
to forget,
that I've
always been here
to do the same.
1.0k · Dec 2013
Sweet Addiction
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I down the shot of whiskey. It burns its way down my throat. I shut my eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air as it sails in from outside. I open my eyes and flick my lighter. Watch as it sparks alive and latches itself onto the end of my clove cigarette, melting it.
I inhale and my lungs fill. I release, contracting my lungs. Smoke floats out and diffuses into the atmosphere. I breathe in the smell of the sweet addiction.

Once I'm finished, I lay back down beside her. She has the face of an angel. So sweet, so innocent. I stare at the peacefulness on her face and try to figure out why she chose me. Why she loves me. There's nothing special about me. I reach over and run my fingers through her soft, straight, blonde hair that's sprawled out on the pillow behind her. Her hands are tucked beneath her cheek.

I remember back to when I asked her to come with me. I didn't really want to go, but I know she did and I would do anything for her. We danced around the living room of our tiny house to the static of the AM radio. She refused to dance to some hip-pop song that they repeated on the radio. Her face brightened as she laughed. I kissed her cheeks then random places on her face. She laughed and squirmed but never stopped swaying with me.
"Let's do it. Let's travel. Europe, Mexico, Asia, Canada. Wherever you want to go." Her smiles softened as she looked into my eyes. She searched to see a bluff. Yet, there wasn't one. She wanted to get away. I would give her a getaway. I would give her anything.

We ended up in Rome first. We wrapped the moon around us as we slept under the stars.
London was next. We rode the London Eye many times around. She laughed the whole way.
Mexico was third. Just hours ago, we walked into a dated diner. She chose the corner booth in the back. Secluded and comfy. Even with all the space the booth provided, we sat hip to hip. Talking and giggling. We spent the evening in that booth, talking about anything and everything, meaningful or not. It felt not long after we arrived, a Hispanic woman walked over to us, letting us it was time to close. We said our apologies and left. Deciding to rent a hotel room, we chose a ancient one. One with columns and historical means-in her eyes.

The French doors let air blow in, the curtains connected to the doors ruffled. I slid my fingers from her hair and ran my callused thumb down the side of her face. I was so lucky to have her. I hadn't a clue to what I'd do without her.
"I love you," I whispered. The air ****** my words into infinity and beyond. I pressed my lips to her forehead, careful not to wake her.

Just like whiskey and clove cigarettes, she was my sweet addiction.
1.0k · Jan 2014
A Totally Pointless Poem
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I tap the toe of my Converse
against the floor,
containing my dance
keeping the beat
of the current rock-n-roll song
that blasts from my
I mouth the lyrics
totally ignoring
the writing assignment
that I'm supposed to do
but I can't find a decent Opinion topic,
so that's a good excuse right?
There's nothing to do.
Everyone is on their own.
I can not find a topic to do my writing assignment on.
So I sit here,
listening to some good ole Rock N Roll
writing a pointless poem
for all of you
to read.
981 · Apr 2015
I Can't Count On You
Maytin Paige Apr 2015
As I see you two laughing across the way,
I feel as if I've been placed in a modern Disney movie.
One where two best friends finally exclude their third best friend.
They leave her out and are no longer friends.
They laugh together about the stupidest things,
they go get frozen yogurt,
they enjoy Starbucks in their free time together.
They do everything the three of them used to do, but without that one girl.
I'm her.
You've excluded me and continued your friendship. A fight with one wasn't supposed to tear our whole friendship apart. You weren't supposed to stop being my friend because she was mad at me.
But you did. This isn't middle school, why have you frozen me out?
The plot twist though, is that we don't make up like they do in modern Disney movies.
We won't make up.
And that honestly scares the crap out of me
because you two were the ones I could always count on.
977 · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
No matter the relationship-
There's always
a giant boundary
between you
and that other person.
Some are easily tested-
flinching or twitching
starts a storm.
Others are too open-
able to do whatever.
Mine happens
to be
We have this boundary
has ridiculously
been created
for no reason.
we both love
to get testy.
I shall tap my toe in this puddle
just to set off a bomb.
962 · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
The truth kills,
but so do lies.
Maybe I'd rather have you tell me lies-
even if I already know the truth.
Because I'd rather believe you
than lose you
and have this be the last time
I kiss your lips.
The truth is poison.
which runs its course
and kills.
I don't deserve to die.
You should tell me lies to keep poison from me,
although it's already
I don't need any more poison.
I don't want to cry oceans
of tears.
Tell me lies
instead of
having me
drink poison.
950 · May 2014
Did I Do Something Wrong
Maytin Paige May 2014
I stand under the
shower head
letting water scald my skin.
Water burns my face as I hold it under.
What did I do that's so bad
that you leave me hanging?
You've shut down and don't wanna talk.
Maybe you think this saves us both the hurt.
Yet, your hesitating caused my heart to break a little more each day.
Forgive me babe.
Did I do something wrong?
938 · Jan 2014
Pop Goes My Bubblegum
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
went my gum.
Eyeballs fall over me.
Faces glare in my direction.
I blow a pink bubble
just to undo a nerve
of theirs.
goes my bubblegum.
930 · Feb 2014
We're Making Our Way Down
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
There are many things
that you could teach me.
      to snowboard
      to be good at Mario Kart
      to laugh and have fun on my own
      to kiss with passion
      to let my walls down
There are some things
that I could teach you.
      to drive a stick-shift
      to do Pre-Calc
      to speak French
      to love other sports
There are things
we could help each other on.
      to get better at soccer
      to fix cars
Mario Kart is your SPECIALTY-as you say.
I've been driving a manual for three years.
I know about classic cars.
You know about new ones under the classic name.
I'd like to say that maybe we could have deeper conversations,
but we already do that now.
What could beat the PG-13 discussions we have?
If anyone took them out of context,
they'd be rated X.
By our word choice.
But within context,
they're perfectly harmless.
We make plans
but if we're gonna do anything
you might as well fill those shoes and take care of me.
Because I'd do the same for you.
*Parce, bébé, je pense que je suis tomber pour vous.
927 · Feb 2014
Nasal Conversation
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
The tip of my nose burns
from the repeated contact of the Kleenex.
I stand to blow my horn
and everyone turns to look at me once more.
Well, I'm sorry,
I think.
Minutes later,
I am turned around in my seat
talking to old friend
about him having allergies
and me having sinuses.
The professor has a look of fake fury
on her face.
Would you two shut up?!
she raises her voice.
We're having a nasal conversation!
he fires back.
I crack up,
unable to control my laughter
about our conversation of blowing our noses
and the watering of our eyes.
We're having a nasal conversation.
One of the funniest-most meaningful
and stupid
lines I've ever heard.
One I'll never forget.
Because we were
having a nasal conversation.
908 · Jan 2014
French Class
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
High school isn't what everyone said it would be.
It's not the time of your life.
It's not necessarily the worst either.
Teachers hold you accountable for every little detail.
You won't finish every assignment.
You won't be in love
when you believe you are.
You won't care if you get detention.
But there's always that one class that is the best out of your high school
It happens to be French.
There's a group of us
and we all sit in the two middle rows.
Two girls
three boys.
We're all fairly smart.
Four nerds,
one who is able to get by.
We laugh
and annoy each other.
Sarcastic arguments,
fake fights,
and loud voices.
We question the stupid things
we do.
Flinging pencils,
taking phones,
stealing papers
to help each other out.
We escalate to
But as we tell others
who are
not in the
they look at us like we're crazy.
Which we probably are.
They think we're abusive,
and that the teacher isn't in control,
and that we hate each other.
They're wrong, though.
I guess
it's probably
one of those
"You gotta be there"
Because it really is.
While we do annoy and anger each other-
we have an odd friendship
that we don't even consider
a friendship.
We're classmates
who have fun
by being
stupid and obnoxious.
That is why French has topped every other class that was apart of my high school experience.
895 · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I think I drank
a tube of
The most powerful love potion in the world.
Rumored to smell different to each person
by what they're attracted to.
Scents fill my nose.
Sunshine absorbed in your skin;
the smell of outdoors-
air, leaves, trees, grass;
soap used to wash away dirt and secrets;
laundry detergent to remove stains from your clothes;
minty toothpaste to whiten pearls;
and shampoo to remove oils from your wavy strands.
Sometimes a hint of chlorine from your shower's water tank.
The smells overpowers me and I float on scents
that seem to
get me high.
I think I drank
a tube of
Harry Potter fans will know.
827 · Jan 2014
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I need to feel
something other than
seeps from
my pores.
I'm numb.
I need to feel something.
but if I feel,
I want to become numb again.
There is no
To feel
to be numb?
Maybe I should stay numb
that way
I can forget everything.
You will be no one,
someone that is just there.
I will be no one,
someone that is just here.
I think
I want to stay numb
that way I don't have to feel the bad.
822 · Mar 2014
Ribcage & Hipbones
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
My reflection shows in the mirror and
my rib cage protrudes from my skin
my hip bones jut out.
My hands run over my skin before I pull
a shirt over my head and pants up my legs.
You used to purposely freak me out.
You would **** in and skin would almost dissolve under your bottom rib.
You wanted me to stick my hand under your ribs, pressing into the dissolved skin.
That's the only part that freaked me out, pressing under your rib cage.
I didn't care that you could **** in and have your ribs show one by one.
I didn't care that you had me feel the dip in your sternum.
You used to pull your sweatpants down your thighs when you sat down.
There would be a skinny slot that the shorts you wore underneath and your boxers would leave because they hung onto your bulging hipbones.
I was to get over you.
I didn't fall for you until you showed your interest in me.
Finally, I began to like you in a way I never planned.
I was to get over you
that was the plan.
But you still have my head spinning
thinking I was stupid enough to fall again
here I am,
writing you a poem,
because hard work to keep myself in shape
even reminds me of you.
I guess I'm able to say life was about living for the night when I was with you
because talking to you alone got my mind off things and allowed me to have fun.
788 · Jan 2014
Walking Away
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I swallowed the lump
in my throat
as I climbed into the passenger seat.
Are you sure this is what you want? There's no going back.
I nodded, ready to burst into tears.
She sighed.
I knew if I didn't do this,
I'd be more hurt
than I am now,
than I ever have been.
She turned the key to start the truck.
I watched as the building disappeared in the side mirror.
Why did she let me do this?
I wiped tears off my cheeks,
trails being stained.
Why am I doing this?
Why is she letting it happen?
She let me walk away from something I love.
778 · Jan 2014
Drink Me Away
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I sit here all alone
waiting by the telephone.
Because I'm pretty sure
her lips taste better than her face looks-
but you don't even mind anymore
because your poison has finally started to set it.
You pour another round
as my name lights up your phone.
You'll wake up by her side
probably still hearing
my voice
as you fill up your cup.
That whiskey ain't near strong enough
to get me off your mind.
Go ahead and get drunk,
if you want,
but baby, please, don't drink me away.
Just don't drink me away.
Here it goes,
Here's a toast to the one that I used to love.
The clock strikes 5am,
all you taste is sin
and pour yourself another cup.
You wake up with her by your side,
wondering if she'll keep your number
because you know you'll be sleeping alone from now on
And when you hear my voice
know that you left me with no choice.
Go ahead and get drunk if you want.
Here's a toast to the one that I used to love.
So get drunk if you want,
and baby please,
just drink me away.
763 · Feb 2014
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I remember the days when
jeans would come up past
your belly-button.
Now they stop before they reach
your stomach.
I remember when
skirts and dress
were long enough to cover the sacred places.
Now they're barely long enough to leave
the slightest bit to
I remember when
tank tops
showed just enough cleavage to drive a guy wild.
Now they hang low,
showing everything.
I remember when everything was
Now everything is revealing.
I remember when being modest
was ****.
Now being modest
is to be a *****
and hideous.
746 · Mar 2014
Bonnie & Clyde
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde
as I ride shotgun.
Looking for law
while you push it.
Going 120,
burning up rubber
on that ole dirt road.
You tip your hat when you see me
looking at you like that
and when I shake it
in a way you never thought possible.
You once tucked fly away hairs
behind my ear
and told me
to get lost and find someone better.
That's when I told you
you didn't have to conquer the world first.
Now I keep a lookout
while you break that law.
*Hey y'all, wassup? We're Bonnie & Clyde
693 · Jan 2014
Snow Falling
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Have you seen the snow
as it falls
on a winter night
that was dark as could be?
White dots flew at me through
my headlights.
The night swallowed me
in its darkness.
High-beams would make
fly at me faster,
the white dots
A fog-like
blanket of snow
over the road,
hiding lines and tire tracks.
It was so very beautiful.
as milk.
It flew at me in flakes,
and ghosted over the road in blankets.
682 · Dec 2013
2:19 am
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I stare at the clock
waiting for the glowing numbers to change.
I groan,
wondering why I'm awake.
But I know
that my mind has latched onto you.
Thinking of everything.
The look in your eyes when you say something meaningful.
The way they light up around kids
and when you talk of
your passions.
The way they focus when you stare off.
The way you smile.
How your lips turn up into a smirk.
The way your deep voice rumbles in your throat,
migrating from your chest.
The way you laugh.
The way you stretch out.
The way you walk,
hips swaying,
shoulders sagged,
as you glide around on the ***** of your feet.
The way I see a glimpse of heaven in your eyes,
I wonder why you're awake
at 2:19am.
But I remain silent
like the night surrounding our beds.
I want to ask you why you are awake on a night where you should be asleep
in your bed.
But that would lead you
to ask me
why I am awake at 2:19am on a night that I should be asleep.
And I wouldn't be able to tell you
that I am awake at 2:19am
thinking about you.
640 · Mar 2015
Speed Racer
Maytin Paige Mar 2015
I'll be the first to admit that I love
that adrenaline rush.
I loved having the chance to be the wild child I wanted to be.
It was all great.
Speed Racer.
I've seen you almost smash into a guardrail on a bridge,
have two head-on-collisions.
One with a car, the other with a bus.
You've hit 95 in 35 mph zone. I couldn't wrap my head around how you did that.
It's scared me from day 1 that one of us could get hurt.
That adrenaline rush kept me going though.
Racing you, Speed Racer, was my guilty pleasure.
However, I don't know what I would do
if I could stand seeing you
crash into a guardrail
or have a head-on collision.
I can't be responsible.
And when that chick told me that she hoped I crashed because it would be funny...
That's why I told you I couldn't participate anymore.
It kills me, Speed Racer.
My resistance can only be so strong.
It kills me that I can't take part in my guilty pleasure.
It kills me that I can no longer race you, Speed Racer.
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