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Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I stare at the clock
waiting for the glowing numbers to change.
I groan,
wondering why I'm awake.
But I know
that my mind has latched onto you.
Thinking of everything.
The look in your eyes when you say something meaningful.
The way they light up around kids
and when you talk of
your passions.
The way they focus when you stare off.
The way you smile.
How your lips turn up into a smirk.
The way your deep voice rumbles in your throat,
migrating from your chest.
The way you laugh.
The way you stretch out.
The way you walk,
hips swaying,
shoulders sagged,
as you glide around on the ***** of your feet.
The way I see a glimpse of heaven in your eyes,
I wonder why you're awake
at 2:19am.
But I remain silent
like the night surrounding our beds.
I want to ask you why you are awake on a night where you should be asleep
in your bed.
But that would lead you
to ask me
why I am awake at 2:19am on a night that I should be asleep.
And I wouldn't be able to tell you
that I am awake at 2:19am
thinking about you.
Maytin Paige Jun 2014
You were going to teach me to snowboard
and watch me fall on my ***
uncountable times and laugh until I threw a snowball at your face.
I was going to watch you longboard as I licked the $2 ice cream cone I'd bought.
The one you insisted on licking before boarding off into the sunset.
It hurts that we act like none of this ever happened
because you didn't even tell me you were leaving.
You didn't get to see the makeup run down my face
or the tears escape my eyes.
I don't get to know the reason you left me alone.
Even though we act like we're both fine,
are you off feeling lonely
wondering where I am?
Because we up and dropped those dreams we once shared.
And though we act like we're both fine,
It's easy for me to put up a front
and act it all out.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I watch as his pen flicks up and out
many times.
He's sketching.
He never sketches.
He doesn't draw.
Something's up.
The scene comes to be
a landscape.
Tall grass,
thick trunks
from green trees,
a blue pond
with ripples
that spread
and dissipate.
A worn down
is hidden
in the background.
I imagine it to be red
with peeling paint.
This is the second day in a row.
Have you picked up a  new hobby?
Or are you bothered by something more
than you can express?
The paper comes to life before my eyes
as the drawing is so realistic
so detailed
so well drawn.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
After you-
Muscle cars drove through my heart
(although I grew up around them),
Rock music was unbearable
(even if it was my favorite),
I couldn't look at another plate of steak
(although I loved meat),
I wouldn't dare wear another article of clothing that was black
(even if it was my favorite color and brought out my eyes).
After you,
I was ruined.
Maytin Paige Aug 2014
What I really need is a night without you
haunting me.
I can't have the memories
of those crazy nights,
the extraordinary days,
and all the things we did
swirl around my head and
not want you back.
Maybe I really need a bottle of Jack
or a triple shot of something strong
until I don't remember.
I don't care if they're back tomorrow,
I just need a break.
Keep those drinks coming until those memories melt away.
Let the truth, and the noise, and the alcohol collide.
Just let me get a little lost.
Maytin Paige May 2014
We speed down the winding
You pass me.
I pass you.
We repeat this until
the straight strip lies ahead of our
You go to pass me
but stay by my side.
I can't wipe the smile from my face
as I look to my left and see you grinning at me
not paying attention to the left side of the road ahead of you.
I kiss my fingertips
and flip you the bird.
You wink and finally pass me up,
revving the engine
of your American classic.
Maytin Paige Jul 2014
What was your first thought when we met?
What were your thoughts when I tried my best to explain math to you?
What were your thoughts about our conversations?
The ones that involved laughter,
****** innuendos,
speaking of our favorite hobbies
and other various details about ourselves,
and the begging of hanging out?
What ran through your head as you asked me to help you
go to the bathroom?
What were you thinking when we ran into each other in public?
What were you thinking when we made plans to hang out?
What went through your head when we shared a hug?
What did your mind do when our faces were frozen
two inches apart?
What ran through your **** mind when
you all together stopped talking to me,
stopped returning my texts and calls?
What were your thoughts when we would see each other
after you dropped me?
The times you would always look at me with guilt,
and see me faking my emotions?
though you didn't know that
A moment's thought can change it all.
It can prove the simplest meanings of the most complicated analogies and situations.
What were your moments thoughts?
Tell me,
and I'll tell you mine.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I think I drank
a tube of
The most powerful love potion in the world.
Rumored to smell different to each person
by what they're attracted to.
Scents fill my nose.
Sunshine absorbed in your skin;
the smell of outdoors-
air, leaves, trees, grass;
soap used to wash away dirt and secrets;
laundry detergent to remove stains from your clothes;
minty toothpaste to whiten pearls;
and shampoo to remove oils from your wavy strands.
Sometimes a hint of chlorine from your shower's water tank.
The smells overpowers me and I float on scents
that seem to
get me high.
I think I drank
a tube of
Harry Potter fans will know.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I wonder what went through your head
when I replied with Kay
I didn't use a period at the end
like I normally would.
You said you always thought I was
mad at you
when I used a period at the end of a sentence.
Maybe I should have used a period.
But I wasn't mad.
I wasn't necessarily sad.
I knew it was going to happen.
But when you told me that you couldn't go
after you wanting to go all day
you didn't use a period-
so you weren't mad.
Was it an excuse?
or did something really happen
and you couldn't go?
You almost begged me to go,
to take you,
to drive you around.
I finally said yes.
Suffered the wrath of my parents-
of who you are,
who your parents are,
where you work,
what your grades are like,
THE talk (multiple times, I might add)
but I saw it as a harmless hang out.
Maybe not though.
Maytin Paige Oct 2014
Hot tears stream down his face as the
realization hits him that this is the last game
he will play on his home turf.
He hands his proud mother a single rose
and wraps his arms around her.
His face presses into her shoulder as
tears soak his away jersey that his mother wears on her back.
She's there to comfort him.
Only he doesn't feel that way.
He's scared.
Where will he be a year from now?
He remains scared the whole game.
He then feels ice cold fingers grip the neck of his shoulder and chest pads.
He turns to meet the face of the person who make his skin cool.
Her smile warms.
He tries to stay positive and polite while she talks to him,
as he tries to multitask and focus on the game.
But internally, he wants to cry again.
Therefore, he ends up snapping at her,
feeling guilty about it.
Wanting her to walk away and forget everything that just came
out of his mouth.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I tap the toe of my Converse
against the floor,
containing my dance
keeping the beat
of the current rock-n-roll song
that blasts from my
I mouth the lyrics
totally ignoring
the writing assignment
that I'm supposed to do
but I can't find a decent Opinion topic,
so that's a good excuse right?
There's nothing to do.
Everyone is on their own.
I can not find a topic to do my writing assignment on.
So I sit here,
listening to some good ole Rock N Roll
writing a pointless poem
for all of you
to read.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Emotions wash over me.
You know
I'd never want to hurt you.
I never meant to start a war.
We refuse to swallow our pride.
We're going to lose everything we have
if one doesn't surrender.
We go from love to a battlefield
in under .02
One word.
It's always the smallest the things
that tear us down.
I'm standing here without my shield.
Neither of us want to raise our flag.
My hands seem to be tied behind my back.
Guess you better go
get your armor.
I don't even know what we're fighting for.
Why can't we pretend to be friends?
Then everything will be alright.
I don't this to be a battlefield.
Sooner or latter,
I'm going to swallow my pride
and raise that flag.
I never meant it.
I never wanted to start a war.
I never meant to hurt you.
Because, baby, I don't want this to be a battlefield.
Maytin Paige Nov 2014
Believe in me
so I can believe in everything.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
The moment that you look around
and realize that
your main group
of people
in French Class
are the Breakfast Club of your school.
****** is closed off, hurting inside but hiding it from the world.
Claire talks to her 'kind', disgusted by those around her.
Allison stays quiet, before opening up and realizing what these people hold within.
Brian is outspoken, telling people how it is.
Andrew is sporty, knows what to do when the situation arises and tries to take control.
We're not perfect.
We don't consider each other friends necessarily.
But we're not quite acquaintances.
We have nothing in common
-being total opposites,
but we click in a weird understanding
sort of way.
We're not friends.
We just click.
K, M, D, B, & I. Realizing something so simple and true.
K is ******, M is Claire, I am Allison, D is Brian, and B is Andrew.
RIP to Mr. John Hughes, we all miss your genius mind.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
You'll say my name
and I hope
it tastes
as it leaves your lips.
I know when I say yours,
it is bittersweet.
But that's partially because I
loved you.
But I'm moving forward.
I plan to follow my dreams,
like you wanted me to do
but never helped me.
Even though you did try.
As you move on,
remember that
you only deserve the best.
And you'd probably tell me the same thing,
saying you deserve nothing.
Your name is bittersweet as my lips form around it.
I'm trying to move on
I don't want to move on
because that means I had done it without you.
You are my bittersweet memories.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I can only honor
the woman that sat next to
her husband on the day of his death.
She held the only rose bouquet she's received from admirers.
Blood-stained rose petals sat in her lap.
I can only honor
the woman who stayed
with her dying husband.
She whispered, I love you
in a pleading voice,
wanting him to stay,
to come back home.
I can only honor
the woman who kissed her husband's lips
for the last time,
knowing she'd never get to touch him,
to kiss him,
to wake up to him,
to see him
ever again.
I can only honor
the woman who did not leave her husband's side
on the day he died.
I can only honor
the woman who held on
with such bravery.
I can only honor Jacqueline Kennedy. I can only wish to be the woman she was.
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde
as I ride shotgun.
Looking for law
while you push it.
Going 120,
burning up rubber
on that ole dirt road.
You tip your hat when you see me
looking at you like that
and when I shake it
in a way you never thought possible.
You once tucked fly away hairs
behind my ear
and told me
to get lost and find someone better.
That's when I told you
you didn't have to conquer the world first.
Now I keep a lookout
while you break that law.
*Hey y'all, wassup? We're Bonnie & Clyde
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
When I'm bothered,
I've learned to
not look anyone in the eyes
and to
keep my mouth shut.
Because if I don't follow those lessons,
I break.
I crack.
Tears will spill from my eyes.
My throat will tighten
and constrict.
I can't have anyone see me break.
I do not break down these walls for people to see my weak side.
I am strong.
I am unbreakable.
So I tell myself.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
No matter the relationship-
There's always
a giant boundary
between you
and that other person.
Some are easily tested-
flinching or twitching
starts a storm.
Others are too open-
able to do whatever.
Mine happens
to be
We have this boundary
has ridiculously
been created
for no reason.
we both love
to get testy.
I shall tap my toe in this puddle
just to set off a bomb.
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
I walk into the building and am greeted with
a stairwell in front of me,
bathrooms and the office to the right,
classes to the left.
I start down the stairwell.
My hand reaches out to the wall,
running over the nature paintings
of raccoons, trees, leaves, and deer.
I look over my shoulder and see that it continues
to curl around the corner and the wall across from
each room.
I continue down the stairs,
left into the gymnasium.
Behind me is the lunch window,
in front of me is the counselor's office
(only open on Wednesdays)
and a steep, skinny stairway up to the hallway of classes.
How I miss this old building
that some jack had to go and burn down.
Maytin Paige Oct 2014
we can pretend it's meant to be.
Maytin Paige Mar 2015
You feel your heart begin to crack and crumble
as it begins to shatter.
You finally realize that the two people that you always thought would be there want nothing to do with you.
You want to exclaim your pain, but you hold back
afraid that one will notice.
You're afraid because you almost want her to notice.
In all reality, you know she won't.
You want them both to notice but you've realized they don't want a thing to do with you.
There was a time when you meant something, everything, to them.
You still feel that they mean something, everything, to you.
They helped you through so much.
You did everything you could to help them and to keep their wonderful smiles afloat from all the troubles they had too.
You feel your heart begin to crack and crumble
as it begins to shatter,
as you begin to cry,
as it becomes harder to breathe,
as you realize they're done with you.
Your heart begins to crack and crumble
as it begins to shatter.
*Things change and people change.
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I twisted the dollar bill around my finger and then into a bow.
I rolled it up.
I twisted it around my finger once again,
wishing the lady in front of me would order already
instead of asking what EVERY drink was.
I just wanted my latte.
I don't want to have to wait until next Christmas just to order it.
Oh my god, lady!  Get out of my way!
Finally, she turned to the man at the other end of the counter, who is waiting for his coffee.
What did you get, Jim?
Caramel Macchiato, Cheryl
She turns back to the cashier, And what's a Caramel Macchiato?
It's an espresso, consisting of milk and two-three shots with caramel syrup, ma'am
Hmm, I guess I'll have that. A small please.
Just as I think she's done, she steps back in front of me.
And a red velvet know what, make that two.
The cashier rings her up and I'm slowly nudging her away from the counter.
I smile, Hello Maddox.
I hand him the 5 dollar bill and he stretches behind him and sets my latte in front of me.
Thanks Maddox.
I take my latte and change and walk around to the back, up the back stairs and into the book store.
I sit cross legged in a mustard colored vinyl chair, setting my coffee on the flat arm.
My shoes fall to the floor.
My book falls open to where I marked it last.
I bite the inside of my cheek as I continue to read and taste the cheap caramel in my overpriced latte.
Maytin Paige Sep 2014
You're quick to criticize my driving.
But I watch it backfire on you
because you drive more recklessly than I do.
It's you that can't be near me.
It's you that gets angry if we 're parked next to each other.
I promise you, that I don't do it on purpose.
You and I just seem to collide in everything we do.
Maytin Paige Apr 2015
I'm told you've been in a crash and now in the hospital.
I fish for facts, to know what's going on.
I hear you were stuck head-on on your side, that you have broken bones and a brain injury, that you're in a medically induced coma.
My heart pauses.
I can't think.
I don't believe it.
Then the news story pops up on our local paper's website.
Your friend turned in front of another car which struck you, and your sister in the backseat. The two of you have serious injuries, you're critical. But the two drivers have walked away uninjured.
I just want you to wake up.
Could it have been avoided?
I can't let you leave, I need you here with me.
I need you to push through.
I need God to prevail.
I want to sit by your bedside and demand you wake up but I know that won't help.
I've slipped into a mind coma. I can't smile. I feel numb.
I just want you to wake up.
I just want you to wake up so we can both leave this coma.
Love you Ells. I need you here. We need you here. We'll all be waiting for you when you wake up. <3
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
You walk through the door
blonde hair
blue eyes
126 lbs-from being tall-
thin as a stick
long, skinny face.
I look down to see what shoes you're wearing today.
Converse, as always.
Yesterday, they were white.
I've seen you wear
All hightops.
I am curious to how many pairs you
actually own.
What color will you wear today?
and tomorrow?
Maybe Thursday of next week?
Maytin Paige Jun 2014
Dear Louise,
     I am writing this letter to you, my love, fifty years after the one summer day that everyone remembers. June 6th, 1944. The day I first landed in Normandy, France. I was fresh out of high school, only just eighteen. I was scared out of my mind. I remember the day I spent in the hospital, as the nurse looked at me and started a conversation. "You're all kids, sweetheart. You're so young. Eighteen, drafted to ****. Killing people at eighteen years of age. You're all kids, fighting for the same purpose. But it's not fair, I tell ya." I didn't know what to tell her. I couldn't think of anything besides the fact that I was defending my country, not only for myself, but for you, my love. I wanted you, us, to have that wonderful life everyone once dreamed of. Today, as you lay in heaven, I hope I was able to give you that life. The one you and I dreamed of. I hope the house, the marriage, the children were everything you wished for. I miss you dearly.
                                                                 Much Love,
I know today is the 70th anniversary, but I thought I'd take this back a couple of decades. I tried to keep language clean as men back then would not use explicit language around ladies.
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
They are not what our eyes view them as.
I am an angel.
with sweet selfish dreams.
Sweet sinful dreams.
This is what
makes me in smile.
I smile at my sins.
Because sins make a demon.

Once upon a time,
a demon was an angel.

Because an angel with sweet selfless dreams
will fall for a demon with sweet sinful ones.
Maytin Paige May 2014
I stand under the
shower head
letting water scald my skin.
Water burns my face as I hold it under.
What did I do that's so bad
that you leave me hanging?
You've shut down and don't wanna talk.
Maybe you think this saves us both the hurt.
Yet, your hesitating caused my heart to break a little more each day.
Forgive me babe.
Did I do something wrong?
Maytin Paige Oct 2014
You just about **** when you saw me sit down next to you.
You looked, wide-eyed.
Your breath even hitched.
You couldn't look in my general direction for the next eighty minutes.
It's not like I wanted to sit there anyway.
I leaned as far away as possible.
But I couldn't get far enough from you.
And when I finally let out my breath and stood to leave-
I asked if I could squeeze behind you.
You did **** then.
You stared at me for a solid minute before moving your
chair in.
Just because you're a *****,
doesn't mean I have to be rude back.
The more you suffer, the more you really care, right?
Maytin Paige Apr 2014
Does that smoke
clear me from your head?
Does being high make you forget me?
Does cannabis help wipe away your feelings
towards me?
You still have that glimmer of guilt in your blue eyes-
when you look for me when you think I'm not around to see you,
when you ignore me as we walk side by side.
Does the illicit drug help you forget the time
we wrapped our arms around each other, with your hands
lightly resting below my bra clasp, while you breathed in my scent
the time you leaned in and were about to ******* chapped lips?
Does the grass help you change your mind about how you really feel about me?
Does the alcohol help you sleep at night when you toss and turn with thoughts of me?
Or do I still haunt you through your choice of illicit substance use?
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I watched as you put
that cancer stick
to your lips.
Your hood was pulled over your head,
your blond hair was sticking out in different directions.
I continued to stare as you
breathed out smoked and freezing carbon dioxide.
Snow started to stick to your lashes.
They stood out,
made your blue eyes pop as your darkened lashes were speckled with white
I pulled the beanie down farther over my ears
as you glanced at me.
A shiver ran down my spine and you pulled me to your side.
I waited impatiently as you finished
I was cold.
It was so gorgeously beautiful out here,
I wanted to stay.
If only I were dressed to play in the powdered dream.
Dreams fell in flakes
sticking to your eyelashes
making your cheeks burn a bright red.
You ran your hand over my spine and paused at my neck.
Your eyes were looking at the top of my head.
Were you debating brushing the flakes off of my black beanie?
Or were you thinking of sitting on the couch with me?
I waited for you to finish
as I knew we would share a large cup
hot chocolate inside
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I sit here all alone
waiting by the telephone.
Because I'm pretty sure
her lips taste better than her face looks-
but you don't even mind anymore
because your poison has finally started to set it.
You pour another round
as my name lights up your phone.
You'll wake up by her side
probably still hearing
my voice
as you fill up your cup.
That whiskey ain't near strong enough
to get me off your mind.
Go ahead and get drunk,
if you want,
but baby, please, don't drink me away.
Just don't drink me away.
Here it goes,
Here's a toast to the one that I used to love.
The clock strikes 5am,
all you taste is sin
and pour yourself another cup.
You wake up with her by your side,
wondering if she'll keep your number
because you know you'll be sleeping alone from now on
And when you hear my voice
know that you left me with no choice.
Go ahead and get drunk if you want.
Here's a toast to the one that I used to love.
So get drunk if you want,
and baby please,
just drink me away.
Maytin Paige Mar 2014
What went through your
as I sat in the passenger seat of your car?
Did you smile when I squealed laughter and screams
during drifting?
I asked if I could take her for a spin
you said
no way in hell
because I'm a woman driver
and you don't trust me that much.
But I know
you do.
What would you think when
you pulled into my drive
to drop me off
as no one was home
and I crawled over,
straddling you
and gave you a goodnight kiss?
You'd press me against your sleek black steering wheel.
And I'd be uncomfortable
with the claustrophobic space
of the expensive car.
Your lips would be dark red from being pressed to mine.
And I'd place my hands on your chest
for a breather.
Do you think it could just be you and me?
Maytin Paige Jun 2014
The doctor tells me my results.
Three injuries in one.
I would need surgery.
Tears welled in my eyes.
I could no longer play the sports I loved.
Was this the end?
My ACL decided athletics had taken it's toll,
and my menisci was right along with it.
The bruised bone was a bonus though.
Was this the end?
Could I emotionally handle
the recovery?
The recovery of heartbreak from simple test results
The recovery from physical damage
The recovery of surgery that joined my main muscles back together again
The recovery of a new muscle, foreign to me
Will I ever be fully recovered?
The simple test results that can crush dreams.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I see you staring at me from
across the room.
You let the crumpled up paper
fall out of your hand into
the trashcan.
Your eyes stay on me as you sit back down in your new seat
almost afraid to sit next to me.
Because I now see.
And I wonder if you're looking at me and seeing
that the girl you want is everything I'm not
and that she was tearing us apart.
I don't want to pretend
because I was losing myself to someone else.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
Did I disappoint you?
Did I let you down?
Did I see the ending before it had even began?
Did I know you'd win?
You disappointed me.
You let me down.
You say you saw the end before we had begun.
You knew you won
for me being blinded.
You took my heart
what once was mine.
You've kissed these lips
and held my hand.
We've shared dreams,
slept side by side.
We know each other well.
Memorized every detail,
even smell.
You've seen me cry,
saw my smile,
even watched me sleep.
And while it may be over,
I'll always care
and be here for you.
I'm a dreamer
and it's my dreams you'll take
when I wake.
And when you move on,
remember me.
Remember us
and everything we used to be.
Maytin Paige Nov 2014
We all want something beautiful.*
I wish I was beautiful

He says we all want something beautiful.
She says she wants to be beautiful.
She's telling him that she wants to be wanted.
She grew up being told fairytales.
She just wants to be apart of one.
She wants her own personal fairytale.
We all want to be someone special.
You're gonna be big stars
and someone special.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
forgive me,
for I have sinned.*
My skirt slides across the wood seat
of the confession booth.
I don't want him to ask where I've been
as I've been away.
I am back because these are worse.
I've laid my former confessions
to rest.
did you miss me?

He stays silent.
My throat clears.
I've been away, for awhile
He doesn't ask where I've been.
But I want him to know-
know that I've been gambling with
the devil.
Do you hear
those wedding bells,
I've been getting heavy with the devil.
Did you miss me Father?

Visuals of him biting his tongue
circle my head.
Father, don't
bless me
because I have sinned.

I'm a walking sin,
and Father knows this.
Maytin Paige Dec 2013
I want to tell you what I want.
I want to be brave.
I wonder how I've had the guts to do what I have
but not be brave enough to tell you what I want.
I want to tell you what I want.
I just don't know how to put everything I feel into words.
I feel you in my head,
in my heart.
I feel you causing
butterflies in my stomach,
heat rushing to my cheeks,
and a smile to be plastered to my face.
I want to tell you what I want,
so you can do the same.
But I know you won't.
You're the most unbelievably stubborn person I've ever met.
I have so many feelings,
that I want to say,
to let you know.
There's too many to put into words.
There's too many to make sense.
I want you to use your words.
I want you to tell me what you want.
I want you to tell me how you feel.

I want too many things.
But the only thing that matters to people are feelings and emotional crap.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
I ride
My nail picks at the
peeling paint.
The sun beats down upon me.
Forming beads of sweat on my neck.
The cart comes
to a jerking stop
at the top.
I close my eyes
when we start moving again.
The wind blows against my burnt face.
I breathe in
the sweet smell of
hot dogs
and hamburgers
and cotton candy
as they fill my nostrils.
I wish to be young again.
Young. Innocent.
On this Ferris Wheel.
Because growing old,
it just ain't right.
On this Ferris Wheel,
I forget that I was upset.
I forget that I am growing old.
I feel young again,
on this Ferris Wheel.
Maytin Paige Feb 2015
I only ever seem to have flirtationships.
Never relationships.
I feel that's what tires me most.
The thought of something being wrong with me runs its course-
over and over.
It's no question that you can tell when I like someone.
Body language is readable and I can't seem to change it.
A smile is usually constant.
My laugh is often.
My face usually reddens and I feel warm.
I am obviously aware of their presence.
A casually awkward conversation turns flirty
and ****** references
begin to enter everyday conversation.
Everything's going great.
Then fate takes it toll.
They decide to drop me,
or we slowly die out
and grow apart.
My heart breaks
due to the attachment that grew
because I saw distance in our flirting-
while they must've seen a sentence affair.
it's me
it's always me.

Yet, I can never figure out what is quite wrong with me
and no cares to tell me.
Someone new comes along and the cycle begins over again
and there's nothing I can do to help it.
I always have flirtationships,
Never relationships.
Maytin Paige Aug 2014
Do you go home and shower that
dried mud and stalks of grass off
after a rainy game of football?
Do you blast the AC on the drive
home-because while on the field,
everyone around you can see the
heat escaping from your head?
Do you get a rush of energy
from those tackles you made?
Do you get pumped up from
that win you just got?
You've got me interested in
your football experience.
Tell me about it as I sit
here, interested.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
I want you to know
I'd never judge you.
That I'll listen to you
and your problems.
That I will help
put you back together.
That I can help you build that wall
just right.
Where you can trust
the right people
and block out
the wrong.
I want you to know I'm in the same boat.
But I care too much.
You have trouble seeing
that I will always be here
and there
anywhere you ask.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
High school isn't what everyone said it would be.
It's not the time of your life.
It's not necessarily the worst either.
Teachers hold you accountable for every little detail.
You won't finish every assignment.
You won't be in love
when you believe you are.
You won't care if you get detention.
But there's always that one class that is the best out of your high school
It happens to be French.
There's a group of us
and we all sit in the two middle rows.
Two girls
three boys.
We're all fairly smart.
Four nerds,
one who is able to get by.
We laugh
and annoy each other.
Sarcastic arguments,
fake fights,
and loud voices.
We question the stupid things
we do.
Flinging pencils,
taking phones,
stealing papers
to help each other out.
We escalate to
But as we tell others
who are
not in the
they look at us like we're crazy.
Which we probably are.
They think we're abusive,
and that the teacher isn't in control,
and that we hate each other.
They're wrong, though.
I guess
it's probably
one of those
"You gotta be there"
Because it really is.
While we do annoy and anger each other-
we have an odd friendship
that we don't even consider
a friendship.
We're classmates
who have fun
by being
stupid and obnoxious.
That is why French has topped every other class that was apart of my high school experience.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
She strikes a match across her jean shorts.
The fabric for her pockets stick out under the hem.
Her eyes linger on the flames for a second,
like she's pondering
of lighting something she shouldn't.
She breathes in and bends
to light a couple of branches
in the pile.
She drops the match in the middle of the pile
watching branches catch the flames.
A smile spreads on her face
as she climbs up onto the diamond plated tailgate
of his black truck.
He smiles and hands her a glass bottle.
This was her Friday night.
Hanging out with the guys in
the fields.
He nods towards the thick brush
behind his truck.
She smiles to jumps to the ground
following him into the dark.
The sounds of water lapping a bank fills her ears.
She watches as he slips out of his shirt
and she steps out of her shorts and top.
He eases into the water as she jumps from the rotting dock.
This was her Friday night.
They float in an area that they could stand.
And when they did,
they locked hands
and shared a kiss.
The frogs croaked
the cricket chirped.
This was their Friday night.
Maytin Paige Feb 2014
That's what we are.
We explore
unusual topics between
opposite ***
But that's just us,
that's how we are.
But it feels weird the day
that you ask me-
Are you going to the bathroom with me?
I tell you no,
thinking you mean this as joke
while we're walking in the same direction
with different destinations.
Then you look at me with a smile.
Help me go to the bathroom?
Wait, what?
Excuse me?
Do you mean this as a joke?
Or is this one of your flirting techniques?
Maybe I'm over thinking and this is a joke?
Another friend told me he'd never ask me that.
So why did you ask me that?
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
He may be old,
but he is the most
handsomest man
Mid-sixties maybe.
His eyes are blue.
Pale blue but circled by dark blue.
His hair is gray,
but was once brown.
His skin is wrinkled and worn
but was once smooth.
His face is small
and heart-shaped.
I can't stop staring at him.
I imagine him
as a young boy,
entering the military
in a green suit.
The way he smiled for his picture.
How he hugged his crying mother goodbye.
Smoked a cigarette as he served for his country.
Overcome the nightmares
he's seen and heard
while protecting America.
He was handsome then
and he is handsome now.
He holds the door open with a smile
and I thank him for
the dinner that he
bought for his wife,
my parents,
and me.
Maytin Paige Sep 2014
I hear rumors that you're sleeping with her.
I hear you say how you miss your ex and you need to feel something.
Maybe there were feelings there.
But doing something of your choice then complaining about it...
I can't even go there.
Get over yourself.
You're not the person you believe you are.
Maytin Paige Jan 2014
The problem with town's like
this one,
is that
everyone who grows up here
wants to leave.
A small town,
a small elementary school,
a gas station,
a couple of bars,
one diner,
a tiny church,
and a ton of well rounded
who have hospitality filled hearts.
We're a goodbye town.
When we leave,
we seek to leave our
demons and devils
and secrets
But once we return,
so do they.
Memories come back and haunt us,
rip us to pieces because we miss them,
we miss certain people.
People who cared,
who would wave
and say hello everyday.
One's who knew your first name
and you best knew theirs.
This is just a goodbye town
where you feel you have to leave
because the one
you love
left too.
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