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16h · 278
The hardest thing is migrating
from being the sun in one solar system
to another
it's a whole different universe
4d · 468
Modern Eavesdrop
Our conversation
turned to quotes
in someone else's
7d · 153
I Quote
“(Go)rgeous morning sunrise”
between (t)he m(o)untains
glittering (the) dusty pollen
(la)mi(n)ating her gol(d)en hair
“**** woman for teenage boys”
rich with magic and gilded with lust
(where poetry is you and me).
Jul 2 · 528
Pit Stop
Maria Etre Jul 2
We took the
to -----> a brilliant conversation
till.......(inhale)......we (exhale)........ran.........(inhale).......out.........(exhale)..­......of.........(inhale).............breath
Maria Etre Jul 1
Someone took away his toy
the one left at the bottom of the pile
Read from the bottom to the top
Jun 30 · 103
Maria Etre Jun 30
The mind was always background noise
in a soundtrack played by the beats of one's heart
with lyrics from conversations
inspiration from hyperventilation
and palpitations
Jun 25 · 66
New Rule, Maybe?
Jun 22 · 128
Jun 12 · 192
Maria Etre Jun 12
I write from left to... write
I also "right" what's left from wrong
but when I write from right to left
I change the rites
of you
Jun 11 · 101
Should I?
Maria Etre Jun 11
I felt karma whisper,
"You thought I'd never visit?
Open the door."

Should I?
Could we be friends?
Did she stop by to say "HI"
or to throw my irresponsibility
on the table?
Better yet, throw my selfishness in my face?
Jun 9 · 172
Maria Etre Jun 9
The mind will never learn
until the heart does
and that's the toughest pupil
to teach
Jun 9 · 271
.The End
Maria Etre Jun 9
It feels like
there are only so many times a heart can break
until the pieces get so small
that putting it back together
will take a lifetime
May 29 · 218
Time Broke.
Maria Etre May 29
The hands of time
took care
from one minute to the next
till they left it in an hour
and moved on without it.

Time, then, broke.
May 27 · 513
Maria Etre May 27
"What is your greatest fear?" he asked.

"For words to flee" she said.
May 22 · 123
The Shower
Maria Etre May 22
Melting frost bites
Exposed porcelain white skin
Weighed down with a dose indoor
May 19 · 542
Is It Only Me?
Maria Etre May 19
I do not want to confine myself to a cubicle
I do not want to type my way through a day
I do not want to bite my nails, fearing I ‘d fail
I do not want to smoke my anxiety, on a Thursday
I do not want to miss sunrise, in traffic
I do not want to train a fake smile
I do not want to mingle, even when I’m single
I do not want to leave quarantine, even if you call it a syndrome
I do not want to jump into busy, I do not miss it
I do not want to forget how to value
I do not want to rush, I like the pause
I do not want to live by time, I want to control time
I do not want to consume a designated lunch, I want to make lunch matter
I do not want lockdown to end
May 15 · 513
Maria Etre May 15
Lonely Lullabies
                 Lull Lost Adults
                                 Loosely into Lockdown
                                                     As they drown in
                                                                          Sleepless Slumber
May 4 · 243
Maria Etre May 4
It's a change of words
that leads to a change of worlds
Apr 22 · 257
Different Equation
Apr 21 · 696
Maria Etre Apr 21
For all the time I have lost being busy
the universe looked down
pause the world
and said,
"Go, make up for what's lost
"busy" was never considerate."
Apr 6 · 871
Maria Etre Apr 6
stay close but far
Maria Etre Apr 2
Poets dream, they always do
about the impossible made possible
within stanzas and words
they think they weave magic into routine
and move hearts like the mellifluous motion of honey
dense sweet and sticky
connecting one chest to another

Poets claw through the mundane
to find the shimmering light of drama
the stirring stick, with the tumultuous traits

They cannot settle for the norm
they find it deformed
for when that happens
they reach for toxins
to remedy
the normality
Mar 30 · 502
The Call
Maria Etre Mar 30
When I hear your voice in isolation
my whole house sways to your godly presentation
that voice now has a different kind of appreciation
when it's the only thing that sends my heartbeats
into constant vibration

It's not the word nor the caption
it's the sound that's now given in ration
to switch on a photographic imagination
of the value of a throwback life, seen through an application

Send me your voice
I am done with pictures and links
bring back the call
the call
of you
Quarantine Times: Call him or her, let the voices sing a conversation, or have you forgotten how to?
Maria Etre Mar 16
I got a taste of what being loved felt
it was all nice
until he spoke
and broke the rose-colored glasses
that covered days
Mar 13 · 110
Home Run
Maria Etre Mar 13
I threw my heart at you
when my words
failed to move
Mar 10 · 166
One Sided Loss
Maria Etre Mar 10
Today I lost something I never had
and it hurt even more than when I did
Mar 9 · 119
A Day Late
Maria Etre Mar 9
What intrigues me
is how every woman
wears her "woman"
Woman's Day
Mar 4 · 146
All About Asking
Mar 3 · 187
Your Turn
Maria Etre Mar 3
Someone told me you're still pretty
you still wear your 20's in your 30's
bite your nails when angsty
and stutter when jittery

Someone told me you still fly
making the earth your sky
falling out of being shy
into living a different reality

Someone told me you still cry
when you're feeling, everything really...
turning your cheeks red with salty tears
chafing childhood from baby cheeks

Someone told me you...still...
Mar 2 · 243
Maria Etre Mar 2
The sun came out & burnt my old skin
left me naked & confused
scared & alive
Feb 26 · 1.0k
Feb 25 · 146
Maria Etre Feb 25
my tears
eroded my
further away
from the
Feb 24 · 205
I am Everything
Maria Etre Feb 24
I slipped and fell from reality
Going down, I saw the silhouette
of myself waving back from the cliff of reality
getting smaller and smaller

My fall carved the air
with a bundle of chaos
dense with fear
and weightlessness at the same time

I am lost
between letting go and wanting to go
everybody goes at some point anyway  
between waving goodbye to what's better
and saying hello to what's bad
between loving to love, and loving being loved
or both,
I am lost between loneliness and aloneness
between confidence and bitchiness
between opening my heart and keeping it
and giving it to you, naked, want it?
between sobriety, and faking it
I am scared of changing and I am attracted to change
of walking away, when walking is my favorite hobby
I fear losing something, when there was nothing to begin with
I am addicted to turmoil, I lather my skin with recklessness
I inject my veins with the soothe intoxicating taste
I question my lust for instability for chaos
for heartbreak and heart-mend
for unreciprocated love, for ... everything that doesn't make sense
I question my fabrication of a future, before I even say hi.

I am confidence wrapped in anxiety, that wears me like a gala dress
hugging my curves, with self-doubt
I am fake, a hypnotized being, programmed to smile
to blend, to speak less, to love less, love like that,
to compare, to compete
I am tired
Feb 21 · 145
Now What?
Maria Etre Feb 21
My heart chose you as a friend
by my mind as a lover
Feb 19 · 183
A or B
Maria Etre Feb 19
Why do I compare myself
to a love you'll always love?

When you clearly whisper
her name, in my presence
when I'm asleep
Feb 18 · 174
Maria Etre Feb 18
Why is it goodbye
when there's
nothing good about bye?
Feb 17 · 110
Who Wins?
Maria Etre Feb 17
You checkmate
but I was playing
a different game
Feb 13 · 237
A Love Note To
Maria Etre Feb 13
Never forget
You'll always be my
Feb 11 · 272
Knock Knock
Maria Etre Feb 11
is that
Love is a joke, sometimes
Feb 8 · 190
Maria Etre Feb 8
I opened my pantry
and found my heart pickled
Remember, I set you there
after you got broken
years later, I gathered the courage
to show to the world

Are you ready?
Feb 6 · 140
That Good.
Maria Etre Feb 6
You know that feeling
when you finish a poem
and smoke a cigarette?

That one.
Jan 29 · 568
Reason 2
Maria Etre Jan 29
I get defensive
when my poems
are attacked by reality
Jan 27 · 882
Reason 1
Maria Etre Jan 27
I write
because I stutter
when I talk
with emotions
Jan 24 · 211
Maria Etre Jan 24
I used to write daily
now I write dailies
Jan 22 · 459
Maria Etre Jan 22
Why are you still dressed
when I am fully naked in front of you?
The tense feeling of knowing they're hiding something when you have already given them your all.
Jan 20 · 274
Insert Muse Name
Maria Etre Jan 20
Time gave me blank papers
A strong heart pumped ink
Courage pushed me
Experience turned pages
Ups and downs published moments
Sunshine gave me inspiration, so did rainfall
( ______ )
handed me a pencil
Insert muse name
Jan 17 · 582
Maria Etre Jan 17
It's fine to ask for more
when you have nothing to lose.
Jan 16 · 580
Maria Etre Jan 16
Bring my Lebanon back.
Jan 15 · 135
Beyond the Face
Maria Etre Jan 15
I was petting a cat on the streets
a woman passed me,
Jan 14 · 315
Maria Etre Jan 14
It's like I summon the universe now
we talk at night
meet for coffee
and sometimes
he surprises me
when I think he doesn't listen
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