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Maria Etre Apr 2019
I feel
"here world
take my heart"
Maria Etre Jan 2018
There's a secret
only those
who seek solace
in moon-ly conversations
believe in

A secret cult
only for those
who conduct
in silence

An underground
society that
thrives on
a separate entity
consisting of
Maria Etre Apr 2019
The acidic aftertaste of *****
scratches its way
down my throat
every time
with every beat
of a broken
Maria Etre May 2019
I fell for you
at a time
that wasn't
on |my side
it's all about timing!
Maria Etre Aug 2019
The butterflies
outgrew their place in my stomach
now they flutter in my mind
messing up years of organization
turning it into
Maria Etre Jan 2018
Shooting stars **
to attract my attention
I tried to look away
I turned right >

Gigantic full moons "O"
to lure me
I kept turning right >>

Signs of "listen, your heart knows"
to alert me
I kept on turning right >>>

Songs of yesteryears played
to wake me up
I turned even more ...right >>>>

To find myself
back where I started
in your (arms) <<<<<
Magnetic are the things meant to be. #indiedoodles
Maria Etre Sep 2016
It was 4 am
riding past hazy road lights
heads heavy, eyes bright
so much energy, our hearts delight
we were naturally high

He asked me
"how much do you love me?"
I giggled and as my hand
danced with the speeding wind
and my ideas fell in a whirlwind

"If you compile all
the romance of lovers through time,
the classics, the hopeless and the hopeful
the lost cause lovers,
the ones with forbidden love"

"the insane ones, the messy and passionate
the ones who pose as muses for writers
artists, for Love
the dangerous ones, the compatible
the ones who spew magic"

I paused and realized
that this was the first time
my heart bypassed my brain
and made it to my mouth

" I am not done yet"

"Now, put them all together
and mold them into a ball.
Throw it up in the sky"

as my head peeked from the window
and mimicked my words
and pointed to the stars that shone
the most

*"Watch as a new galaxy
is born exploding with stars
each possessing
a different kind of love
that only shines
for you"
Maria Etre Oct 2017
There are
7 different types
of love
elaborated by
the heart's
7 different
beats, decoding
7 different languages
that the mind
meddles with
Maria Etre Feb 2018
I have the ability
of falling in love
in a second
a minute
a moment
a day
at the
same time
Maria Etre Mar 2017
Talk me into

Walk me into

Take me into
your world

For mine
exists on paper
and yours...
I plea
to see
Writers get involved and dissolved in their own worlds- it's interesting to see other people's minds and how they perceive it.. and then write it in their own words.
Maria Etre Jan 2019
the acoustic
of the
of my life
Maria Etre Mar 9
What intrigues me
is how every woman
wears her "woman"
Woman's Day
Maria Etre May 2019
Oh Darling,
Get ready,
I think
I found
Maria Etre Oct 2017
There is
a certain kind of
my body feels
when I pull
my heart out of my chest
and place it
in front of you
Maria Etre Aug 2016
She tangled herself
with her own stories
legs tied with guilt
and mind free to roam
curious of what's out there

She confused realities
with dreams, she diluted them
with ice cubes
to chill the hot pounding in her heart

She confessed her sins
and graffitied them on walls
hoping others will relate
and connect with that messy fate

Days are silly and nights too
why take things seriously
she asks herself before her waking hours are due

Why stutter and stumble
on pebbles of hesitation
when your heart is in overdrive
and never asking for directions?

Why panic and gag over anxiety
when it lingers in your throat
long enough for you to *****?

It's been a while
your heart is rusty
add some acid, wash it off
it will fool you oh it will
but darling
what's better than a fool
who knows himself
to be one
and willingly
all sense
Maria Etre Dec 2016
Open your arms
so wide
so as to gather all
that debris of yours
Then, weld them
with so much passion
that those cracks
melt together into
beautiful art
It's about turning new pages, while learning from the previous ones
Maria Etre Aug 2017
It is only fair
that life
takes time
away from me
and barters it
I visit
in my mind
from time to time
Maria Etre Jan 2016
One day
it all started out differently
from the way the sun rose
to the walk to work

One day my hair was at its worst
my skin was frosty
and my nose flaky

One day I had no music
on my stroll
and no money in my wallet

One day lunch was late
my stomach was growling
my inspiration was dim
and my nails bitten

One day I walked
into my office to a meeting
the heater was broken

I started writing
my pencil broke

then there was a
that erased
Maria Etre Aug 2018
Your facade
does no(t)
(n)or give justice
to what's
insi(d)e that
h(e)art of you(r)s
that you
keep hidden
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
Maria Etre Feb 13
Never forget
You'll always be my
Maria Etre Mar 2016
It's like a stab in the heart
it's like rain on a new budding flower
it's like a hurricane on a summer day
it's like a tornado over lunch on Sunday

It's like thorns on a rose
it's like a paper cut on your finger
it's like a burn on your body
it's like a "NO" to an excited "please"

It's bound to happen,
you can evade such days
that hurricane will bring sunshine
that stab will heal into a beautiful scar
that budding flower will bloom more gorgeous than any
a proper

Hang in there
it's a virtue
they say
let it
one of
Maria Etre Aug 2019




Maria Etre Jul 2018
Don't change
the pe(r)son
I s(e)e
in good (m)(a)tters
and bad
"If I could give you my eyes" Series
Maria Etre Feb 19
Why do I compare myself
to a love you'll always love?

When you clearly whisper
her name, in my presence
when I'm asleep
Maria Etre Aug 2017
I fear the day
my heart fails
to crack my ribs
with the
that shakes
all the way to my skin,
in the form of goosebumps
I fear the day
it forgets
to recognize
the heat of that flame
Maria Etre May 2019
Swings right
when things just feel right
caresses under blankets
away from eyes
holding on to fleeting moments
stretching them, till they tear
with dawn

Swings left
broken beats left lonely
almost silent
in a loud world
where everyone hears your voice
while I suffocate on mine
being shattered into tiny shards
of transparent truth clawing their way
down my throat
to stunt my heart
from beating …normally

Swings right
your hand in mind
that’s right
that’s nice
faking it till you make it
learning the good in the bad
that’s only single-serving
I am left in a shady area
in a black and white world
full of bruised blueprints
that never made it through

Swings left
change feels like the cold
wind of a monsoon
before the heavy rain of judgement
falls piercing your skin
questioning your being
“but stay”
after you’ve blown away
all the fortress I took
so long to build
stone by stone
year by year
tower by tower
experience after experience
“we’re friends”
was the explosion that
turned my castle
to a sand
a desert, deserted

Swings Right
I feel right
on your right side
but then again
there are millions
standing in line
for get your right
I sometimes think
the spotlight does
shine on me
then I realize it is I
who put it there

Swings Left
….this is my queue to leave
Maria Etre Sep 2017
She left her beauty
in the shade
preserved for those
who dare
walk into her darkness

She left her other self
in the shade
covered by the innocence
whose scent seduces those
bewitched by
the beauty of a rose
Maria Etre Jun 2018
I looked up
I fell

*read in
Maria Etre Oct 2016
"You and I and us and being.
Such a messy sentence
and a fun thought.

It was something I sought
but never my mind

My ideas with
my heart
a lot

But time
a story we long

and time
took time
and ourselves
it taught

Until, it reached
the plot and realized
it's time
to bring
and I
to being
give us
a shot
Maria Etre Sep 2017
False assumptions
lead down
of false
Maria Etre Jan 2018
If thoughts can
meet half way across
the ocean
and tornado a whirlpool
of the unspoken
King Triton would
be threatened
by the intensity
of human
Telepathy you say.
Maria Etre Jun 2016
I found myself
tracing a silhouette
on a condensed mirror

My towel covered all my insecurities
like a curtain draping
the sickness before
in takes the stage
under the spotlight
before it plays the play
that recurs, rewinds
and re-plays in my head
all day

I traced it with my finger
from head to shoulders
"why are they broader?"
My eyes spotted things
in that mirror that no one saw
but me "should this be scary?"

It took me 13 years to
feast my eyes on what I am about to see
The towel falls
and the mirror haunts me
with it's reality,
or my reality through it
distorted, broken and far from perfect

As my fingers slid on that mirror
shaping  concave lines
along my sides
I wanted them to turn to
scalpels to cut off
those handles
who are the resting place for my lover's hands

I see it, I trace it
"why can't it go away"
my eyes started scanning all my weak points
tattooing hate
on my thighs, belly
arms and back

I felt like scraping my temple
with sandpaper sculpting
thinner pillars
thinner walls
disregarding all sense of logic
all sense that one day
it might crumble

I cannot escape this self inflicted burden
I did not ask for, I was susceptible to perfection
Challenged myself to control
and I won
I lost
Maria Etre Aug 2017
Silly sullen sentences
strut in my brain
boiling baffling batches
of cluttered dust-bunnies
creating a babel tower of
lost love lullabies
decaying, dying, drifting
Wet your quill
with the ink of now
write new lulls
swaying your pendulum
between your now's
and what's yet to come
Audi alteram partem (or audiatur et altera pars) is a Latin phrase meaning "listen to the other side", or "let the other side be heard as well".
Maria Etre Oct 2016
There is nothing
more beautiful
than the crisp kisses
of autumn breezes
slowly making their way
past your curtains
to cover your sun-kissed
body with
a taste of
what's to come
kissing your skin
with slight chilly sensations
leaving goosebumps
behind ....
Maria Etre Sep 2016
The curse of a writer is that
every word jotted down
is a reflection of every beat
the heart ripples through the body
that harnesses waves upon waves
of emotions from here and there
and the best part is that you will find
yourself there too
no matter who you are.

They want to escape, they cannot
but find a way to embrace the subject
of the matter with words that morph
stanzas into finger pointing
comments that strum your chords
and wait for the echo to die out
with the last period
on the last line.
Maria Etre Mar 2017
I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my mind
went blank
at the sight of a seductive
white paper

I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my mind
was abandoned by
its muses
leaving cobwebs
but taking away
all sense
of inspiration

I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my heartbeats
beat for no one
but for a
Maria Etre Aug 2017
It's not always easy
to accept what
curveballs life
throws at you

Sometimes you need to
grab that baseball bat
and hit them back
where they belong
Maria Etre Jan 6
When everyone is going forward
I find myself
backwards to the simpler things
Maria Etre Sep 2017
in foreign streets
I find myself
with muses
aching to find
on paper
in another
Maria Etre Feb 2016
Bashed for my age
and my single-dom
I shrugged in carelessness
and slapped a smile on my face

Questioned for my actions
I hugged them and told them
to partake in conversation
that did not happen virtually
but physically

Shunned for my appearance
I loosened my untamed hair
and fixed my piercings
blew them a kiss

Miss-judged for my behavior
I lifted my drink and cheered them
for their ignorance

Ignored for my elation
I patted them on the back
hoping they'd only feel an iota
of what I feel, everyday

Punished for my recklessness
I begged them to see the world
through my eyes and how colorful
it would be

Insulted for my honesty
I opened their eyes
to their insecurities
that to me
Maria Etre Jun 2018
The fault
in my lines
is that they too
are scared
you'd read
your name
in between
Maria Etre Jan 2018
Maria Etre Oct 2017
I felt defeated
yet happy
that I lost a part of me
that somehow
dragged me down
a sense of
overcome me
Maria Etre Oct 2016
It's the lump
that nestles like
a ridged rock
in your throat
that claws
the passage of words
every time
a word makes it to your mouth

Vent my darling,
put that finger in your mouth
and ***** all that's clawing
your mind with uncertainty
with uneasiness
I am here
massaging your back
as the acid of that *****
leaves an after taste
of "not the right mood"

I am here comforting you
as you sit back
breathing, feeling lighter

I am here
injecting you with pluses
that I hope
take you back
to the right side of the bed
this morning
Maria Etre Dec 2015
I have walked in fields of butterflies
marveling at reality with a lens
of love

I have walked crawled through puddles
of broken glass
strengthening what's left of my heart

I have clawed my way through thorns
to see the sun again

I have stood on feet of stone
cemented by poetry
to reach great heights

I have written on pages
upon pages just to
remain sane

I have met you
and gotten ******
by your mere presence
that reality
is just
as hazy
Maria Etre Dec 2017
There is a person
in me
the surfaces
when my
"who are
Maria Etre Sep 2017
You made it
onto my paper
in between my ribs
in between my lines
all I can do
is sharpen my pencil
every time
I reach the end
of each stanza
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