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kaye May 2018
I know you only hold me when no one's around
Or maybe a person or two

No one knows what we've been up to
No one knows when we hugged each other
No one knows how many times you held my hand
No one knows why we felt comfortable on each other's shoulder

Nah, we don't even know where it started.

And now they know about the things we do
But they still don't know about you
kaye Jan 2018
I can't believe myself
That I wrote about you
I thought our feelings would reciprocate

Maybe you did
But a depression recession

Maybe you did
But the energy was not enough to pass the transition state

Maybe you did
But we never really talked about it

This time maybe you will
But this time I won't let you

This time maybe you'll continue
But this time you'll stop right there

Because we are already happy with what he have
Because we are already happy with what we are
And we will must not try to ruin it and hurt again.
Only doing it bc i am not pathetic enough to put something important at stake or focus on my ego.
kaye Jan 2018
Let me hear you speak
You let the ocean sing for you
You let the rain cry for you
And you let the flowers bloom for you

You always use poems to feel
You always use movies to see
You use music to hear
And you use me to flare
kaye Dec 2017
It got me again
This time, I am at my weakest

I am understanding
I am trying
I hold the piece above

People I only rent
I cannot own
I am poor
As I am not valued
kaye Sep 2017
I am back again
Cause I'm alone
I am back again
And no one's home

People sit
People leave
Let it be
Let it bleed
  Jun 2017 kaye
The Writer
In need of a heart
of any kind
a beautiful heart
never broken before

In need of a heart
neither old nor wise
naive, like mine once was
until it aged with time

In need of a heart
bursting to the size
with love and laughter
not shriveled with tears

In need of a heart
filled with dreams not reality
brimming with ambition
to make the world a better place

In need of a heart
any heart at all
to replace this heart
that knows only emptiness
  Jun 2017 kaye
Patricia Policarpio
The small gestures of patting my head and shuffling my hair

The small touch when we do high fives as a sign of greeting

The small bonding times when we watch your favorite noon time show and laugh together

The small and random compliments that you say like how I am pretty because I look like you

The small and really corny jokes that you tell but I still laugh at them

The small pranks of copying what I do and say like how kids do

The small act of noticing really subtle changes in me on how I got fatter or have a fairer complexion

The small reminders if I brought my umbrella and to take care as I went to school

The small talks when you ask "how are you?" everytime I got home from school

The small acts of waking me up in the morning and cooking my food

The small things like still calling me "cutiepie" and "Patskie" even I'm already turning 20

The small acts
that shows your great love
The small things
but are the sweetest ones
You are the man with few words
But you never fail to show
your abundant love
In small gestures,
in small acts,
in small things
And for me it contributes the biggest on how proud I am
of the greatest dad I have
Happy Father's Day!
reposted. (changed the title haha)
June 18, 2017
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