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kaye Aug 29
Fri, 30th August 2019

Sometimes you make me special
Sometimes you don't
You got me thinking about you
Are you thinking about me, too?

Are you testing me if i like you
Or am i testing you if you like me?
I shouldn't fall for you
But I am so so so into you

I can't let go but i should.
kaye Aug 25
when you miss people
and they don't
it kinda *****

leaves me wondering
left me

and im crying again
is it my chest that hurts
or is it just the truth?
kaye Aug 22
Fri, 23rd August 2019

I know we've met before
Let it be in dreams or real life
I know you're my better half

Infatuation (orlove)
kaye Aug 16
Fri, 16th August 2019

I can't hear the rustle in a windy afternoon
Only our beating hearts, the unfamiliar voice I already like
These inclined roads seems easy, not without you

Instead of stealing glances, steal my hand
Hold it tight, connect the strings we ought to bound
Steal my heart so you can hold me tight

Whatever it is that we have, I hope it says.
I need a friend (or a lover) for the moment (or forever)

I like someone from food nutrition and he walked with me to the sunken garden so i made a poem inspired by the myrtle beach poem. Nothing serious just for fun.
kaye Jun 5
I always believed that love should be something I would be proud of.
I always believed that love is something not to be embarrassed of.

But darling when I loved you
I believe in love in secret
Loving peacefully without remarks
Igniting love with our own sparks

When I loved you
I believe that love is something to treasure
And we know that treasures are buried under the sea
Surprisingly amazing.
kaye Jul 2018
They tell suicidal people
They are going to hell
Sinners as theyre ungrateful
Depreciating the work of God

They tell suicidal people
They are going to hell
Making them think twice
Knowing hell can be much worse

And as an intellectual,
You challenged the heavens
To take your soul in an hour
And then they didnt

You said to yourself
That there is no hell
Nor heaven nor God
Cause it didnt end there

You took the blades
And started cutting it yourself
Your ties to the Lord
And your arteries
kaye Jun 2018
it is 2am in the morning
a lot happens at 2am
some have the best *** of their lives
some live their youth drinking

some fill their minds
with thoughts, confusing thoughts
that leave them wondering
if they are true or just made up

when it fills their thinking capacity
the unheard thoughts escapes
they overflow as tears

now when someone sees
thoughts become heard
the tears as a cry for help
they will know you're hurting
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