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 Oct 2020 jonni inferno
Denise Uy
I wrote and rejected my own words,
I marked them basic, unoriginal.
I erased lines I never replaced.
I stopped making new worlds.
I loathed that I was only typical,
I hoped it would only be a phase
But I paused.
The pause turned into a halt.
It turned into a break, turned into never.
Then I wrote back all that I lost,
Stopped stopping and breaking and believing the false.
I want to continue writing letters.
So I will mix and match and reach my goal to have never been better.
Finally, I just went ***** it I'll write. Thank you, pinkink. I love you
It was my flowers
So pretty and distinct
That caught your attention.

My spring beauty
Was all that mattered
In your material mind.

So you didn’t bother
To take the time
And learn my roots.

Stuck in place
I was forced to watch
As your life went on.

My beautiful flowers
Were only used
To give to everyone else.
Feel free to critique!
Cool fall nights
And bright starry lights.
My fuzzy warm bed
And sunsets colored red.
A worn in book
And the sound of a nearby brook.
A loving smile.
A warm hug.
A goodnight kiss.
A constant partner.
Feel free to critique!
our love is a fiction*
carved from my mind
and written in these*

tattered pages

the tale of love that will never be become true
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
each beat of my heart
is for you alone
i see nothing else,
but the shape of your hands
and heaven in your eyes.
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
i'm drowning
under the weight of our goodbye,
knowing i'll never
catch my breath again.
- please s t a y
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
i crave you
above all else
you pulse through me
bringing me to life
with your touch,
you kiss me
and i know
my lips have tasted yours
in every past life.
- i can still taste you.
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
if i were so lucky
to be given
another chance
my love,
i'd cross oceans of time
just to drown
in your eyes once more.
- my thoughts go out to you, my immortal beloved.
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
i hear your voice
and i know nothing on earth
will compare to how my heart
skips a lifetime for you
until there are
no words left,
i'm yours.
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