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 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
few words
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
to put it simply,
i would've gave it all up
for you.
 Aug 2019 jonni inferno
I change for you
Like the rose bud blooms.
Like the sea sways and sings
To the sweet sweet moon.

And the light of the sky,
the burning liquid sphere
the life
the warmth
cant compare to
the itch in my spine.

The freeze in my fingertips
The rhythm,
The dance of my core.
When you linger relentless

And natures hymn (relentless)
Paints the soft and sugar motion
Of wood nymphs and faeries
Mystic yet familiar.

You are the fantasy,
The myth
The blind blind faith.

You are the sun,
And the stars
And all of the above.
A misunderstood soul
With many complications
Walking a steady pace
Into the darkness
 Jun 2019 jonni inferno
in the darkness
my heart calls for you
your face,
is forever the first i see
when i close my eyes
and let the shadows take over.
- you still haunt me.
She comes to him
  while he dreams
     floating down
to lay upon him
kisses so sweet
for she loves him
so very deep.

              With her loving
               embracing light
                  she wraps
                around him
               holding tight
                  her eyes
            he sees her love
          as the stars witness
         from the skies above.

He reaches for her
to gently place
the sweetest kiss
upon her crying face
he caresses
her body
while touching
her soul
as together they become
of one whole.

          The love they create
            so deep and true
        from the dusk of night
        til mornings first dew
when all is done and all is said
            upon his chest
         she lays her head
     hearing his heart beat
            for her alone
     a greater love
                     she's never known.
My pen could write
for a thousand people

But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you
I hope you're waiting..
 Dec 2018 jonni inferno
He wore his tux, he looked so dapper
He bought her flowers redolent and lovely
Then he got to his car and drove a kilometer
When he got off, he took a breath deeply
He walked slowly and finally reached her
Then he kneeled and put the flower on her grave mournfully.
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