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Veronica Moore Dec 2022
From star dust to grass blades,
I'd traverse it all for you.
For you are not just my sun and stars,
You're the whole **** universe.
My love.
Veronica Moore Nov 2021
Old were the words
Carved in stone
That laid above a grave.

A mother.
A daughter.
A friend.

But no name
Long ago forgotten
Was she.
Veronica Moore Nov 2021
One person was all it took
To shift the mood of war
Too many had drowned
Much more were downed
So they stood up to fight.

One ship was all it took
To win back enemy tides
Six days they fought
On the last we won
The fight for another day.

One mighty Navy was all it took
For freedom to prevail
One team, one fight
To save the lives
Of the ones we left at home.
Veronica Moore Feb 2021
Darling dearest
With youthful eyes
Why cry tears of loss
When the greatest gift
Has yet to arrive?
Help me name this little poem. Its about a teenage pregnancy and I've no clue how to name it.
Veronica Moore Dec 2020
Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win.

Two thousand warriors fought bravely for a cause they didn't believe in.

Two thousand warriors were cut down quickly by the hands of enemies despite.

Two thousand warriors' souls were reaped on the blood soaked battlefield that night.
Feel free to critique!
Veronica Moore Mar 2020
It was my flowers
So pretty and distinct
That caught your attention.

My spring beauty
Was all that mattered
In your material mind.

So you didn’t bother
To take the time
And learn my roots.

Stuck in place
I was forced to watch
As your life went on.

My beautiful flowers
Were only used
To give to everyone else.
Feel free to critique!
Veronica Moore Feb 2020
A tear for the one
I thought I loved
A tear for the one
I try not to want
A tear for the ones
Who I used to have
A tear for the heart
Who thought it could be loved back.
I’m usually up for critiques, but not on this one guys.
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