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Isabella Rossi Mar 2017
I have plenty of things I could post
But why bother?
Isabella Rossi Oct 2016
I tried on the dress I wore last prom

And I panicked

I didn’t even wash it after that night

For fear of it getting ruined

They’ve stained it

Not even Oxi-Clean could get those out

That dress was already tight as is

Black and suffocating
I was a wreck that night

Full of fear, anxiety, and nervousness

It spilt from my sweat-glands, I stained it
I tried on the shirt I wore in September

And I was hopeful

Of course I washed it after that evening

I bathed myself too
They’ve stained it

Not even Clorox could get those out

That shirt was tight and revealing as is
Vulnerable and mustard yellow
I was happy that night

Full of hope, love, and safety 

It spilt from my sweat-glands, I stained it
With these two pieces of clothing
 on at once

Six stains are upon me

Fear, anxiety, nervousness, hope, love, safety

I fear that it could end, I hope that it will not
Isabella Rossi Sep 2016
I do not want to talk

You turned me into an ash tray

One that is smaller than you,

But has been put to more use

I am overflowing with carcinogenic filth


Now I see you are more,

Far more than an ash tray

You’re the whole apothecary

While you drown your worries

Mine fill me up

Just another tap from another’s cigarette

The ash piles up

Onto the mountain, without a fuss

I have lost the desire to dine

And whine

With you

Oh sweet and true apothecary, I worry about you
Isabella Rossi Sep 2016
These eyes are puffy

And red

They long to see you again
These hands are shaking

And blue

They long to hold you soon
Isabella Rossi Jul 2016
I never
Wanted to wake up
With you still in my head

Waiting on the couch
For me to pop back in
Whenever that may be

I just miss
The cuddling
And you petting my head
It was about a dream
Isabella Rossi Jul 2016
My top and bottom eyelashes

Get tangled up in a twist

When we kiss

You ring me out

Like a ***** rag

All my feelings gushing


Into your drain of a mouth

You spin me around

Little tea-cup, equipped with a steering wheel

I want to throw up

You make me sick, nauseated

With this thing called puppy love
Isabella Rossi Jul 2016
I wish to see you in the light

That 5am brings

When everything gains a bluish hue

And we are both water droplets

Destined to become one

I wish to see you in the darkness

That 9pm brings

When not everything takes one shade

And we are both stars

Bound to cluster
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