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Instrospect Mar 2017
When you're clearly eating rice
And right beside you is your mom
Who then asks why you're not eating rice
And that you should eat more.
Eat more eat more eat more.

Flashback to three years ago when you were at your heaviest
Which to be honest wasn't even anywhere close to obese
You were told to eat less.
Eat less eat less eat less.

It has been an endless cycle
And on the hundredth time you hear this comment,
You finally break.

She says you're too sensitive.
Oh really? What about those other 99 times that I never gave a **** reaction?
You're always too affected by her comments!
They were clearly just meant to encourage you to be "healthier" since you've been working ******* your project lately.
You should understand what they're feeling when you react like that.
You're hurting THEIR feelings when all they want is the best for you.
The best for you.

In the back of my mind I think,
I often eat more than my friends.
I trimmed down my unhealthy fat.
I'm trying to gain muscle.
I've been working out to stay fit not thin.
I'm trying to be healthy.
So how is it that I should be sensitive to your feelings when you're not sensitive to mine?

When I look thin to you,
I don't need to eat more eat more eat more
Just to gain weight.
When I look fat to you,
I don't need to eat less eat less eat less
Just to get thin.

Because this is my body.
I know how much food to eat to feel just the right amount of full.
This is my body.
I know it better than you.

Triggers when you're just trying to be healthy and people keep telling you ****.
Instrospect Feb 2017
You broke my heart

I've been guarding it for so long
I opened up to you and you broke it.
When did I become so fragile?

Part of me thinks it's silly
Over something so petty.
But I can't shake off the feeling
The fact that it was a little thing.

I guess it's the little things
The ones I consider most thoughtful
That can affect me so much
I can't even put up my strong facade
The one I use often
So easily

Who knew that
So easily
I could break
In your hands.

Felt sad so I wrote about it. I guess this is what love is. It breaks down your walls and makes you fragile.
Instrospect Jun 2015
I'm through loving you with my heart
For it expires
It expires like everything else
In my body
I want to love you with my soul
To stand the test of time
To last beyond a lifetime
I want to be able to say,
"I'm all yours."
Without anything in this universe
Contradicting my statement.
I'm all yours.

I don't know. I'm just feeling a lot of things lately.
Instrospect Dec 2014
A word we use
When we don't
Why or how

Oh believe that
It is not luck
But the universe
Who conspired

To bring us

Comments are appreciated. :)
Instrospect Nov 2014
If we were a tree
I guess I might say,
It's been quite a while
Since we started to sprout

I know we've branched out
But I trace back down
To see the roots have spread
Staying anchored to the ground

The winds may howl,
Thunder may strike
But try as they might
They can't knock us down

As we grow together
Towards the sky, rooted to the earth
This growth it goes to show
The seeds were planted right.

Instrospect Jul 2014
Forgetting is ******
The killing of memories
Please don't forget the little things
They mean so much to me.

Instrospect May 2014
It would be nice to have you right now beside me to fill the spaces between my fingers. But I know you are your own person and I cannot summon you any time I wish. So I’ll settle for thoughts of you and the uncertainty of when we’ll meet. And I’ll love you as the spaces between my fingers until you can fill them up again.

Tried something new again. :)
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