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  Aug 28 jay
I was right all along,
I did love you more.
  Aug 26 jay
In a dream
I drank the color
of your eyes,
and swallowed
the tone
of your voice
jay Aug 26
color is selective
and so is love
jay Aug 25
maybe if my eyes
poured out the weight
and time of love
they would be looked at
by yours
a wish, for silence to be a confession
jay Jun 2018
back then,
i used to be afraid
of the darkness
and what lurked
within it
it isn't the darkness
that alarms me
but the mere thoughts
that come stray
behind it
midnight isn't the best time to ponder
is it?
jay Jun 2018
i watched,
as the words turned to a
heap of blackness
it bled through pages
amongst hinges
along binding
i viewed something that once was
in wonder
in realization
words can easily be diminished
and be simply just
if not taken passed the mind and
heart first
for the ones who take poetry and writing so lightly
may you be a little more open
jay Jun 2018
i once was asked to describe him
to explain the aspects that rendered me
feeble, restless
for i was unable to answer
i'll give you

his eyes,
hues pulled straight out of a sunset lulled together
to create his golden honey palette
the ones that have me trapped
in a whirlwind of mania

his structure,
created from stardust
taken from only the brightest of stars
merged together to create his heavenly form
for this sight has left me
lurking through space
yearning for

his voice,
constructed from
the sweet strums
of achilles' lyre
the one he played
for patroclus
that led him
into a frenzy
of love and

as you do with i
yoon jeonghan, you are not simply human
but an act of wonder pulled together from
the most pristine luxuries life has to offer
for you are truly,

or in other words -
"i took a night stroll and remembered a question i was asked days ago and supposed that i should finally give my answer"
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