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Helena Aug 2018
Crisp leaves fall down her spine
Shedding the youthful look
Of her once
Tangerine-tainted shine

Her body shreds but trunk keeps growing
Her hungry hands, unwilled, unknowing
look for the tang, the sweetness
She once held between her thighs

Amidst the cruel winter
Thoughts invaded her spine
But she grew and grew till she
Outgrew her mind

What a wonderful thing
Helena Jul 2018
The sun was dawning on her shoulders
but her spine, worn
did not feel the burn

Her tears dripped into the
into the sponge
and the soap (lemongrass)
burned bruised hands
with the sting of lost hope

But Maria was  a wish
amid a crowd of stars
and those blissful days of
beyond the shore
Were not as far

And after thinking for a while
she nodded with a smile
and the sun faded away
but she felt warm inside

her house.
Helena Jul 2018
Life does not reward
Or looking cool
smoking a cigar
When you look away
No one's looking at you

You act so nonchalant
And spend so much time
(your speech)
You've forgotten what you meant
To say
Helena Jul 2018
when your eyes
start turning green
and the dawning sun
lays dead upon them
You will ask about my dream
And I will tell you

When words don't suffice
to fill the voided skies
Between worlds built
On separate minds
And then I'll try

When the rivers run too
And you no longer listen
Helena Jun 2018
Like a cat holding on
To the edge of a bathtub
I'm drowning
In the sea of Neptune's eyes

I'm waiting for cognac to decipher
hidden meanings in the hands
That scrape my thighs

and I don't want to sink
in the breathless brink
of schoolgirl lies
and I don´t want to blink
cause I might start to think
of Neptune´s crystal skies
Helena Jun 2018
There is no
sweeter innocence
than the distress
by the gentle rythm
of your torture
There is no cleaner
sound than the words
pouring out of your
There are no lines between us tonight
no lines in between
(purity and sin)
Helena Jun 2018
looking out through rose-tainted windows
and peach-skin dreams.
the world around you
(you´re such a good boy)
is such a new thing
and you haven´t got the time
(it´s time to leave the playground now)
to waste on all these simple things
like figurines on icy roller rinks
or wet flamingos in bright pinks
shining like the stars that
the darkness out of the night

the world around you
fairly new
might seem too small
for all your dreams to
(you can be anything)
and it is
the ()`s are common phrases we say to toddlers
sort of a weird poem :)
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