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 Sep 2 Helena
Infamous one
Do things because they matter
Not expecting praise in a daze
Mocked by lazy
Dk why they are talking
Acting like they know
Company has you spread thin
Running two departments
About to lose it over dumb stuff
Life is unfair ready for change
 Sep 2 Helena
Peter J
The swimming island.
After everyone had left
She swam out to the island,
and sat there with her
feet freely submerged.
Hands gripping the sides.
Hair wet that tumbled
down her back,
beads of fresh water
ran upon her young thin
goose pimpled skin.
Blood pressure
low to fainting
She rubbed her arms and felt
the warmth of a full sun set.
She waited until the sun disappeared
Then eased back into the lake
And swam back.
#Lakeside stories
 Sep 2 Helena
Peter J
The floor was covered with crumbled paper.
On each piece I’d written  the same thing.
Your name.
#afternoon nap is no good
 Sep 2 Helena
Peter J
That morning you left
With the door open wide
The sun bursting through
There was nowhere to hide

Blossom had fallen
All their petals so high
Yet their colour was blue
As blue as the sky

The dew was singing
Under a soft morning cloud
The birds they were crying
A sad song so loud

And I counted your foot steps
As they softly appeared
Confused by their sadness
They suddenly disappeared

I heard bells ringing
A church wedding tune
Under a setting sun
Then under its moon

The birds stopped singing
A song that never rhymed
And bees hurried past
As if they were blind

I remember your footsteps
The scent of lavender and thyme
And I kept me a footstep
I hope you don't mind.
Just a little reworked
 Sep 2 Helena
BJ Donovan
Only through suffering can life
be fully realized. We rage against
our chains spitting at our torment.
Death always in the wings a threat
or promise of an end to this misery?
Both are feared and welcomed. Live on.
Thank god for the occasional ******! Am I right?
 Sep 2 Helena
Infamous one
Over being know for an old habit
Not about that life anymore
This shadow can't keep the the light out
Let go off all the frustration from within
Trying to prevail get to the next level
Did more than most not settling to fail
Hardest worker in the room good attitude
Busting and hustling making moves
A few off days usually in the groove
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