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 Jun 2021 Helena
Ashley Chapman
I wanna be me
With super powers.

As a child:
(I wanna be me).
As a teenager:
(I wanna be me).
As an adult:
(I wanted to be me).
As - me,

A rock.
Blind to the beauty of the world,
he tenderly takes her hand
and brushes a kiss across it,
then blushes at his boldness.

Whatever she cherishes, he pounces
on to rationalize away into the ether.
It is Mars vs. Venus of the spirit.
But when blindness drives him
further inward, Venus invariably wins:

Her love cannot abide the boor,
the bore, the shamefully bold.
We came to the valley to absorb the glory
of the Alps. Wordsworth succumbed
to the sublime here. Now we all romanticize
nature. But the sublime overwhelms;
it is too grand, too large, too dark, too menacing.
The mountains soar,
overflowing the bounds of what
the scrawny human spirit
can take in.
 Jan 2021 Helena
My sanity:
 Jan 2021 Helena
When she tries to convince herself that she's worth it
Life comes along and whispers in her ear:
"Darling can't you see, you're a broken girl with no direction."
"Look at my other beings thrive in luxury and beauty, while you seep deeper into a puddle filled by your own despair."
Every time she feels the frustration and disappointment that come to her at night, she remembers how "not special" she is and seeps deeper into her insecurities.
T­hen, she remembers all the things she has in her life and all the meaning she has given them.
She's still a "work in progress".
Life will never grant you your wishes if you keep sitting around thinking about all the things you aren't instead of all the things you are.

Life will never be "fair" or "great" to you since all you do is sit around in your own despair and wish for a better life instead of working for one.
 Sep 2019 Helena
Infamous one
 Sep 2019 Helena
Infamous one
Do things because they matter
Not expecting praise in a daze
Mocked by lazy
Dk why they are talking
Acting like they know
Company has you spread thin
Running two departments
About to lose it over dumb stuff
Life is unfair ready for change
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