Helena 3d
like yellow flowers
on faded dreams
you came to me
with the soothing voice
of a sweaty spring
thank you, old friend
for being able to be
dark enough to see
the hidden light
in me

i will not go into the times we shared
asphyxia and summer air
juxtaposed to form
an inseparable pair

who am I, old friend
when the ship´s horn blares
if you made me who I am
(if you made me scarce)

like yellow flowers
on faded dreams
you left me
softly, without
any warning of
the lack of color
(there would be)
without your splendor
(the one where my best friend is leaving to Singapur)
Helena May 17
the proud moments of greatness
seem much louder than
the strenuous, arduous

                                  But it is then
                      when our bodies collapse
                    and the crowd no longer claps
                     that the brevity of stars is felt
                 and the call of the Phoenix is heard
              rising from the depths of our humanity
( it is only then we learn
that no being deserves disregard
nor should be made a deity
for failing is part of the duality  
that comes with the mortal experience)
Helena May 3
three words
on the tip
of a nervous tongue
the not-so-subtle
down a worn out
the words pour out
(like if my body
was the stove)
burning any semblance
Helena May 3
Underneath the bridge lays the lieutenant
his body crushed on virgin snow
and as people pass, like river- flow
crimson flowers are staining the pavement

Oh, sewer thread his death gently
for his clothes have been u n s t i t c h e d before
Oh, reaper spare your axe deadly
His mother did not want him in that war

For the tenant did have his days of spring
with jumping crickets and bicycle dreams
before life took away
his everything
and turned his toy guns into screams
and pressed the bullet underneath his chin
Helena Apr 25
the lights are off
under my sheets
devils heat
I take them off
the air is cold
and now my body
Helena Apr 23
I´m nothing more than a cluster of bone
and nerve, and meat
I´m nothing more than fresh wood
just before the burning heat
I´m nothing more
than the soil beneath my feet
I´m nothing more
than the pounding sound
of a drumbeat
Helena Apr 22
My cherry lips
Might start tasting like
And my tongue
Might freeze yours
With crimson shaved ice
You will soon realize lover
My tights are not worth the sacrifice

Bubblegum dreams
Like schoolgirl straps
Are easily popped
If you take one more step
Know I wont know where to stop
Run before i chase you down
Before I start to cry
Before you get the chance to taste
My teenage girl delight

You find me obedient
Sippin on a diabolo menthe
And you want to call me yours
But theres another in your arms
So Bow your head down for the crowd
And Say all you have to say
Run away and don´t look back
before I ask you to stay

— The End —