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Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." Tragediographer and Submythological Demiurge - Screenwriter, Novelist, Essayist, and Tragic Poet, Narrator-Storyteller Submythologist / Researcher
South by Southwest
Trussville , Alabama    Writing poetry for over fifty years
Nat Lipstadt
M/nyc    write for the blind and sing for the deaf, be their guide, be their intimate, aid them to escape boundaries, by granting them saws to ...
Shiv Pratap Pal
47/M/Allahabad (India)    I teach Computer Science and Applications to the students of Senior Secondary Classes in a school. Apart from teaching, I have a passion for creative ...
23/M/My room    I just hope people enjoy.
28/F/Virginia    My passion for writing closely ties to my love for language and the art of words. My pen is dripping from my heart and soul ...
24/F/Nigeria    Love is a mystery without it ..we live in misery
S Margot
16/F/Colombia    Quiet as I am, great thoughts come to be. Observing, learning, and listening. As positive and happy as I can be but still travelling through ...
Keith Wilson
Windermere UK    Retired Gardener. Been published in many books. But find this site truly amazing. Thank you all..
48/M/Florida, USA   
Raj Gomes
24/M/India    turning sadness into art **
Allan Mzyece
M    Elixir of immortality
27/F    hi there
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