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Helena Jun 2018
looking out through rose-tainted windows
and peach-skin dreams.
the world around you
(you´re such a good boy)
is such a new thing
and you haven´t got the time
(it´s time to leave the playground now)
to waste on all these simple things
like figurines on icy roller rinks
or wet flamingos in bright pinks
shining like the stars that
the darkness out of the night

the world around you
fairly new
might seem too small
for all your dreams to
(you can be anything)
and it is
the ()`s are common phrases we say to toddlers
sort of a weird poem :)
James Court Apr 2018
drip, drip, drip,
there's a little water dropping from the
sip, sip, sippy cup,
spilling out and sopping in your
lap, lap, lap,
so you stand instead of sitting, so the
wet, wet, wet patch
is drying off (permitting that the
sun, sun, sun
is up high and the sky is clear), you
run, run, run,
to the arms of your mummy dear, and
tap, tap, tap,
on the bottom of your sippy-cup,
drip, drip, drip,
now you'll need your mum to fill it up.
Martin Narrod Feb 2018
When is your lavender infusion enough for serving to guests, combustible enough for the summer months, could it make us invincible to poverty? It made Jackson ******* paint the future with sticks, and made Mike Jackson fill a house with unofficially adopted toddlers and children, maybe it’ll make us go out on a limb, we could chill it with ice cubes and serve it with lemon. I’m not sure if it’s the lavender talking or the infusion you see, but it might take several hours until the simple syrup can be poured into our lemonade drink.

— The End —