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Havannah Myburgh Jan 2015
As the countdown begins she shies away in the shadows of the room.

The crowd roars as the numbers descend and her heart wallows deep within her chest.

Lovers, friends and family united with the hope of promises for the new year. She swirls the wine in her glass, hoping for someone to, just once, take notice.

The dreaded single digits taunt her. 3...2...1.
Here's to another year alone.

The only New Years kiss she has ever known is the cold crystal pressed to her lips.
Havannah Myburgh Dec 2014
Like dust we rise from the ground and drown the lungs of the air.

The glow of our souls illuminate the fragments falling through the cracks of our fingers.

Our time is running out as slow as sand trickles through an hourglass.
Dust collects in the corners of our hearts in wait of a lover.

We are more than dust and bones or the skin in which we live.

We are as infinite as the universe we hold inside.
Havannah Myburgh Sep 2014
Your once hot-chocolate eyes are now
A cold vortex
Surrounded by ashen skin and
The moon's craters.

Your fragile heart skips another beat
Your breaths are limited
I can no longer be the anchor
of your dying soul.

I study your face, full of
sadness and beauty
Well worn wrinkles
Dimples deep enough
to catch raindrops
Eyelashes, a cradle for snowflakes.

Soft tufts of faded sun-kissed curls lie limply across your forehead.

Your arid lips part as you
draw in a shaky breath.
Like quicksand you slip through
Split seconds.

Do not fear my love,
Do not fight...

It's time to let go,
but tonight,
you will not need your wings to fly.
Havannah Myburgh Sep 2014
Let's go on an adventure called life,
you can hold the map
and I the steering wheel.

We can go where horizons
have no ends.

— The End —