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 Oct 2014 Harmony vaitupu
 Oct 2014 Harmony vaitupu
is it not a shame
for the kindest ones around
to feel the most pain?
 Oct 2014 Harmony vaitupu
Sadness, Pain
is temporary,
always  passes away...

Joy, Happiness
is temporary,
always passes away...

is permanent,
people always
an act of kindness...
Reverse the question.
Question the reverse.
The answers might surprise you.

Answer the question.
Question the answer.
The problem is never solved.

Solve the problem.
Problem the solved.
Impossible possibilities.
With your heart,
I’m blessed
With your soul,
I’m dressed

Make me a nest
Make me the best
Make me a world
Where I can rest
© Copyrighted
Abdullah Ayyash
February 13th, 2013
We're all just suicidal people
Telling others not to die.
Thought I would finally do one of these.
I wish i could talk in techni-colour.
I feel sorry for you,
If you can't see this.
If can't see, you'll never know it.
That's what death is going to be like;
And oh what fun it will be.
This is reality.
All the wavering and movement
Of everything around us.
And the fact that nothing is separate.
We are not islands,
we are a connected continent,
joined beneath the water,
Of our day to day lives.
 Oct 2014 Harmony vaitupu
You can die from their tears
I check the board to find out
who has passed away the previous night
  and then don my personal protective equipment
  Everything has been rigorously sterilised
 I have forty five minutes to treat and care
  as we sometimes collapse from heat exhaustion      
  I care for the weakest
  first  those who cannot move from their  blood
   **** and *****
  They look at me with such pleading sorrowful eyes
  babies, children, adults, , some have the courage to smile
  I smile back with my eyes
Care is compressing and feeding
to keep up their strength
They must fight this devastating disease alone
  I disrobe and painfully flick my elastic band
  every time I touch my face
We sterilise and sterilise but you can never be sure
  Rarely there is a ray of sunshine
  I have been singing and dancing with little Kaita for days
  behind the yellow fence
  and now she is free to go home
We celebrate any little victories to carry on
  Dear God, I beg you, please make terrifying Ebola gone

  This poem is a tribute to those with Ebola and the thousands of workers who  help them. In January cases are set to rise to a staggeringly sad 1.4 million.
Time is truly an illusion.
these minute, these hours
don’t actually matter
if we choose to ignore them.

When you first kissed me
time didn’t stop
it just swirled and twisted
morning went back to sleep
the Earth’s rotation faltered
and the glass face of a pocket watch

we laughed at the world
and their silly clocks
we screamed we are tenseless
from the all the mountain tops we climbed
as we burned every last american spirit
and listened to the absence of time
I whispered
Baby we are the now and the now is what all we need
we didn't care about our future or our past
they were occurring all at the same time
we lived in the waist of an hourglass

when we laid in bed
I forgot that time ever moved linearly.
I forgot that outside of our little world,
clocks were ticking,
days were passing,
and snow was melting.
we were encased in a moment
we lived in every lapse of time.
where clock hands stay fast to their post

I didn’t expect things to last forever
because forever is a unit of time
but i've seen the sun set and rise 62 times
since i saw you
      with your watch wound
and ready to go forward
Alright, it's my first poem on here. I wrote this in about 4 minutes and I don't really like doing edits quite yet. Tell me how you like it I guess?
 Oct 2014 Harmony vaitupu
Death is such an inevitable thing right?

That's what she said before
leaving me without saying goodbye.
And after all those years,
I finally realized what it really meant.
It was our *love
that has died
and cannot be saved
no matter how hard we try.
I'm missing her.
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