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Marigold Feb 2018
I am a work in progress.
A soul adrift.

I have drifted over many seas,
Over beaches and mountains,
Islands and deserts.

I have climbed volcanoes,
and heard the hiss of the sun sinking into the waters.
I have climbed over boulders at midnight,
and skidded with rockslides over barren ground.

I have seen lakes of blue, green, gray, black, white and red.
I have seen a million shades of green.
I have tasted the extravagance of fresh air,
and have been choked by smog and smoke.

I have joined in your rituals,
and told you details of my own.
I have cast spells.
I have summoned courage.

I have spoken in tongues foreign to my own.
I have been understood,
and misundestood,
time and time again.

I have been known,
and i have been a nameless stranger.
I have felt the heat of love,
and the pangs of a broken heart.

I have known longing's name.
I have shaken fear's hand.
I have developed,
I have changed.

I will continue to do so.
I am a work in progress.
Marigold Feb 2018
In a dream my sneeze was lightening,
my cough was thunder,
my tears a monsoon,
my heartbeat made the earth quake.

I woke up shaking.
Marigold Feb 2018
The memory of your scent still adorns my fingers like rings,
I could never get enough of you.
I wanted you every moment,
Every season,
Every opportunity.

I'm tired of hearing other people's love stories.
Marigold Oct 2016
She drives me crazy
I can’t think unless it’s about her,
Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t distract myself at all
It’s all her.
Everything is her.

And so one little sadness,
Becomes a multitude of sadnesses.
How could I ever be without her?
How was I ever?
It’s all inconceivable to my her-addled brain.
Everything is her.

I would change my life,
Do anything she asked,
Whatever the cost
Sails a million seas,
Or cross a billion deserts,
**** a man if necessary,
Everything is her.

And she won’t look at me anymore,
She’s won’t talk to me,
She doesn’t want me
But everything is her.
How can I be without her?
I’ll have to learn to be nothing.

i think she'll break my heart one day
Marigold Aug 2016
loving you feels like a revolution.
In your embrace
I hear my ancestors sing.
And they tell me:
Hold her, tighter, tighter

And our love feels ancient,
Like our lives have been forever intertwined.
Like the vines of our souls have grown together
For centuries past
and separating them now,
is inconceivable.

It gets harder to imagine
me without you
as every day passes,
harder to imagine
you without me
as we get closer to the time
that it will be
day by day
Marigold Aug 2016
Je t’aime,
Mon amour, presque parfait,
Since dancing below a canopy of ever-changing branches,
With the free flying embers of a campfire,
And myself hallucinating with happiness,
Over frozen ground
In the night’s darkest hours
My hands on your body
And in your hair
Your eyes reaching out
Demanding attention,
Willingly or otherwise.

You hypnotize me,
I can’t bear to look away.
And it is so strange,
To feel so at one,
I could’ve known you forever
My fleeting love,
My disappearing friend,
My beautiful creature.

You are not of this time,
Not of this world.
You surprise me
And teach me
And excite me
Mon amour,
Mon amour,
I could’ve known you forever,
I will love you forever.
Marigold Jul 2016
She wrote about how to write a poem.
Ironic instructions in tiny letters,
Scratched out and scrawled in,
Words flowing as she flew,
Further and further away from me.

And in her words I put myself,
Imagine she might be writing with me in mind,
When she mentioned the girl she'd only just met,
with limited memories,
Of huge significance,
but also possibly no significance at all.
Because who really knows.
It's not the event itself that's important,
it's the value we place upon it all in hindsight.

But I can say, that every moment with her
Has held some form of significance to me.
Each time we've held hands,
It's felt monumental in some way.
And each time i've seen her face,
- all three occasions -
the light in her eyes has seemed profound.

And i don't know if it really has to mean anything
but i'm glad to have met her,
to have discovered this connection,
As strangely brief as our interaction may be.
Better to have known her little,
than to have missed her all my life.
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