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GuiseOfALoner Mar 2019
Her shape is a hidden map
For hundreds of conquistadors
Seeking what’s beyond her lap
Owning her juvenile allure

In the breadth of her landscape
Her once wilderness is tamed
Her soul locked in a bastille
While her lone temple awaits.

All she ever desires is a traveler
She deemed she once knew
Still, the stars won't the answer
When her love is due.
GuiseOfALoner Sep 2018
It doesn’t hurt at all!
That a pirate stole my precious heart
What hurts me most
Is the insult to my beautiful brain.

I don’t feel cheated at all,
That I gave you the riches and love,
How could I have known?
That I'm riding the idiocy of an idiot.

Yes it didn’t hurt babe!
Honestly, it doesn’t hurt all.
Why didn't just yet.
Pretty sure it will.
So when does it hurt then?
GuiseOfALoner Sep 2018
Is it that hard to accept?
That nothing is permanent.
That people had to walk away.

A stranger. A romance. A parent.
Even a long and lasting friend.
They all come and go, it hurts.

As friendships build you,
True friends slowly fades away
Slowly in the slow decay of time.  

Truth spills this bittersweet realisation.
Because we live in the present
And don't ever rely on memories.

Time are like places and places are like trains.
Stare at a familiar face at a distance,
until it becomes too far to recognize.

And as you reach the final destination,
You forget an unreachable person.
Yet the feeling remains true.

Did you let go of them? Nope.
Please my dear, do understand.
Everyone is in transit.
Why do people say goodbye?
GuiseOfALoner Sep 2018
There’s something about writing
my feelings for you.

When it hurts,
the pen doesn’t stop.
With every stroke,
it gets darker
and poisonous.

Until it all gets ugly,
The tears smudged the ink.
Because no word,
no phrase
can ever substitute the pain.

All of them are wasted,
crumpled into the shred.
That’s what it’s like
thinking of you.

All of the hurting,
Time had made us
good enough
Not for each other
But for ourselves.

There were too many words
For us to say,
When all we needed
are four simple words.




the art of letting go
GuiseOfALoner Mar 2018
Dear life,

My simple rudimentary existence
Is ready to be

If I’m gone,
How much pain will there be,
To equate the joyful memories?

If the world’s
an open letter,
I’m unread.

A bad ink,

I’m an empty piece
Of a shell
Living life’s own accord.

Stuck in mediocrity
Whose ambition is neutered
by self-doubt.

When I’m gone,
I’ll accept nothingness
With tacit acquiescence.

Would society remember
The chasm
of my bipolarity.

Their sardonic humors,
Smother me
to death.

Their greatness
Makes me
So small

When I’m gone,
Let them be aroused,
about my idiocy.

And thereafter,
Let them forget,
about my early demise.

Let this mortal coil,
be unwashed,
From a colossal of insecurities.

When I’m gone.
GuiseOfALoner Apr 2017
There are was a time,
I asked the dear Sun,
why can't he steal,
the night away?

He said,
he loved the moon,
he had to die,
every night.

But how does
a star explain
the loneliness
I felt that day?

When I loved,
I never cared,
the reasons why,
we mattered.

But when you left,
I calculated
chemicals and dark matter
to solve a broken heart.

The mystery
remains in cosmos
yet the pain
was real enough.
GuiseOfALoner Nov 2016
I was white,
Devoured with love.
Touched with fire,
By the sun's warm glow.

Suddenly I'm red,
Made to love.
Where forever was devoid,
By a broken heart.

I was intensely saturated,
by reminiscing sunsets.
Finding myself,
in different shades.

Now am covered,
with too much colors.
if love exists,
albeit it's half-truth.
Love is colorful. It will define who you are. The rainbow symbolizes different sexuality, and there's no better way to know yourself better than knowing your true colors. What color are you?
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