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katie Jul 17
if someone had told me back then
that i would love you for this long,
i never would’ve believed it

but here i am,
one thousand days and counting
and your smile is still the brightest amongst the comets
i have always loved you
katie May 24
someday, sooner than later
we will come together as one
when the Divine sees fit,
a new cycle will have begun

the moon always brings me back to you,
one thousand nights entwined
it has forever been you,
and ours will be the love of a lifetime
yuánfèn — the relationship by fate of destiny; the binding force between two people

{to someone who’s been in my heart for a long time}
katie May 23
as if the moon could bring me to you,
shining its radiant, iridescent glow
and lighting up the night

our distance could be cut in two,
the moon as our messenger, as though
it powers us through the fight

i had you for the moment,
but before long, you took your leave,
promising a new world for us

but don't worry about it,
because it was always you who i'd believe,
and it was right of me to trust

we had our own goals to achieve,
through the galaxy, we'd traverse
doing all that we can

you always returned to me
my only, my beloved, my universe
and i love you with everything i am
for my fe3h playthrough~
katie Mar 16
he called me, "honey" as if it was second nature
and in his presence, i felt comfortable and calm
does he know that these tears are a result of longing,
and not of my evergrowing qualms?
i dreamt about my love, and there he called me his darling.
katie Mar 7
repeated numerals,
always the usual,
name in the crowd,
songs chiming loud,

signs from above,
breathtaking as doves,
guided intuition,
true to our vision

love on my mind,
one of kind,
you in my heart,
a true work of art
katie Feb 25
i never had you,
yet you always seemed
within reach
katie Jan 29
love comes to me in waves,
but will i ever have the ocean?
would i be the one you'd save?
or would you leave me, frozen?

on the shore, the water delivers gifts
such as words from faraway lovers
the further away i drift,
the more i begin to suffer

he kisses me repeatedly,
never missing a single beat
i ponder, if only
there was a chance we could ever meet

someplace in the middle,
where stillness would allow us
even something just a little,
in that, i would trust
i've been dreaming of you more and more ♡
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