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katie Aug 22
child, don't be afraid

does the weight of the world feel heavy on your shoulders?
does your love mirror the affection that you're given?
do you feel alone when the lights go out?

there's a glimmer of hope shining through the pavement
can you see a new beginning,
like the one you've been craving?

is it enough to make you get through the day?
or are your demons chasing you,
throwing you back into the fray?

child, don't be afraid

are you aware that you are the only one in the world?
can you see how lovely you have the potential to be?
do you have the courage to wholeheartedly be yourself?

please, don't feel alone
when it all comes crashing down.
thought about dima while writing this in class, so here you go .
katie Feb 22
every beautiful thing
that engulfed my mind
always lead back to him

but he had yet to know
that this love went both ways
because he is everything
katie Feb 3
the chance to see you smile
again and again,
i’ve travelled through world lines
though it feels like it never ends

tragic, they may call it
as i realized i failed to save you at first
but it was unlike me to give in,
as i’ve already gone through the worst

you said i suffered so much for you
though i never found it to be tedious
was it me you were always looking to?
in this timeline, and the previous?

now i have finally found you once more,
i have protected you from what would be inevitable
what i wouldn’t give to always be yours
it was always you, didn’t you know?
i finished steins;gate and wrote this on the fly
katie Dec 2018
the twinkle in your eye,
your evergrowing mind,
the love within your smile,
you dance just like a child

the softness of your touch,
a heart that grows so much,
you are more than enough,
and all of the above

the warmth of your existence,
grows fonder by the instance
it's you in all your essence,
with you i feel abundance

the troubles of the past,
is completely by contrast
we may move too fast,
but i can love you, at last
it was always you
katie Dec 2018
my love,
your strength is blinding,
your courage, shining
how did you survive
all the fighting and
all the crying?

you did stop
and think “it’s wrong”,
yet you carried on?
knew you had to be strong
and be there for mom
because she was always alone

here you are today,
going your own way
and seizing the day.
waiting for someone to say,
“now i’m here to stay
because you’re worth it, babe”
you make me better
katie Dec 2018
meet me when the sun sets on the horizon,
when the moon takes its place in the sky
and the stars show up for the night

the ten minutes you wait for your coffee,
when you glance at your watch idly,
and think about what love could be

just know that it was always you,
the one who encapsulated my heart,
even though we were always thousands of miles apart

coming back to you feels like home,
no matter how often the seasons change,
it was you and i who forever remained

here’s to the day we finally meet:
i feel you more and more everyday
and for your arrival, i will pray
the quiet moments you seek,
in the midst of your daily life,
that's where you will find me **
katie Nov 2018
oh, saturn
won’t you loosen up
and let your worries go?

how he thrives,
on the pain and power
of those weaker

the balance lost,
and the love was gone
like a bittersweet symphony

i swore it was love,
but the pure agony
was sorrowful poetry

still he said, “venus,
won’t you give me all
and every piece of you?”

but i refused,
because who would i be
if i forgot the essence of me?
venus and saturn; how she loved him unconditionally
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