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Callie R Oct 2018
Hurry up please
Don’t leave me in suspense
I know it’s coming
I’m used to your habits now

So spit it out
Quick and clear as you can
Tell me your lie
So I can leave again

Then prepare myself
To come back for more.
  Oct 2018 Callie R
Some poets write with pen
And others with pain
Just a random thought...
Callie R Oct 2018
I know exactly what I want to say
Every letter, syllable and comma
So I’ll type it down

Polite and eloquent
But I’m getting my **** point across

Emojis, gunky gifs and text speech
**** & SMH

**** that’s not what I want

But that’s how you reply.
Callie R Oct 2018
It’s raining in the kitchen
And soaking the dish towels I just washed
But maybe it will clean the ***** dishes
I’ve been meaning to put in the dishwasher

Snow is falling in my bedroom
It was already freezing when I woke up this morning
So I’ll have to unpack the winter sheets from the attic
Another tedious chore for the day

Sweltering heat attacks my skin as I enter the den
Thank God I installed a ceiling fan the previous summer
Hopefully my wax stamps don’t melt onto
My half-assed business letters
That would be unfortunate

Then I discovered there is hail pounding into the tile floor
Inside my bathroom and shattering my ***** mirror
Now I have a reasonable excuse to buy a new one
The glass soap dispenser shattered
Bubbling and oozing across the stained counter

There’s weather indoors
Maybe I’m complaining
But this is a bit fascinating.
I got this from a prompt on
Callie R Oct 2018
As you sat on the stool with your palm on my knee
Honest chestnut eyes ******* my soul
A realization greeted me

I was in deep
My heart didn't mind
It fluttered in anticipation as I promised a kiss
Before the day was done

There was a request you had for me.

Small, hopelessly infatuated me
Ready to **** a man if you asked me,
Told me to pull the trigger with those sweet eyes

All you needed from me was four years
Simply a few years of my life, precious time

Could I wait four years?
Waiting for the pretty chestnut eyes to stare back at me again
Counting down the days till your hand strokes my thigh

I kissed you as the day climbed into its death bed
I could wait four years
If thats all you ask of me
I will test the barriers of time for you.
This is a little poem about my boyfriend going into the Air Force
Callie R Oct 2018
Flowers cannot blossom from words of hate
But jungle vines adapt to reach for the sunshine
Even in the silent gloom

We strive in the gold sunlight
We grow from kind words, reassurance, and a simple "I love you."
We survive off the beauty of love.

The love we hold for each other
The Earth
This universe
And the sometimes secret, invisible love for ourself.

— The End —