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elowen morey Oct 2017
the drastic difference of color between the two trees was shocking
one so full of life
soaking in all that was around it
experiencing the season and changing along with
it into something so beautiful you couldn’t
bear to move your eyes away from it
but the other was not
the other was stuck in the previous stage
unable to adapt to the new surrounding
brought to it
there was no hiding the fact
that it was unprepared and not capable
of keeping up
you pitied it because it was stuck beside the
most beautiful thing with
absolutely no comparison

I am the red tree
and you are the green

I am sorry you are not able to keep up
with the person I have become
  Jun 2017 elowen morey
Hope White
I didn't even ask
To be your sun
Or your moon.

All I wanted
was to be
Your Sunday afternoons.

How many empty calendars spaces
I wasted,
Waiting for you.
elowen morey Jun 2017
my thoughts are mixed up of present time
and words of poetry i have not yet written

I think of you but can only make it so far
before my mind creates a metaphor for
the emptiness that this small soul of mine
now is
elowen morey Jun 2017
I hope she loves your hurt and pain away
I hope she understands the depth of your passions
I hope she takes care of your literary soul
and relishes in the way your voice carries
straight to the core
I hope she realizes what she has
(I hope you're happy because as much as it
hurts you deserve that)
elowen morey Jun 2017
if this is what emotions are
hot water pounding down on my skin
the taste of stale alcohol trying to create some essence
of numbness
the words of music so loud in an attempt to drown out
the ache that my heart brings with each beat
I don’t want it
I don’t want any part of it
elowen morey Jun 2017
I saw you today
and my heart felt sad
sad for what could have been
what never will be

we made eye contact
and in those few seconds
there was so much I wish
I could convey

just give me a chance
just give me a chance
just give me a chance

but you looked away
and I kept walking
elowen morey Jun 2017
mornings bring a certain type of serenity
coffee in my hand
music in my ears
the rising sun peering in through the window
it is a fresh start
this day can be whatever I make of it

as I sit in my bed with my steaming cup of coffee
and listening to the quiet hum of life going on around me
it is okay
today will be okay
life will be okay
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