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if pretending
that i dont love you
is the only way
to stay close to you,
i swear i will do it
a million times over
everyone wants
to slip away
casually -

but you cant
slip through
the cracks
without earning
a few scrapes

if youre caught
between a rock
and a hard place,
something will
end up broken

because the
you build your
love on
cannot be made
of something like
it could hit at 3 AM
or 3 PM
monday or tuesday
wednesday or thursday
friday or the weekend
on your birthday
at a party
or when you
awaken in the middle
of the night
in a cold sweat

something this unforgiving
strikes fast
strikes first
and strikes hard

something this cold
doesnt care if its summer

something this unsettling
doesnt mind if you *****
all over your friends carpet

youll feel the chill
youll feel the bruise
youll feel the darkness
wherever you go
wherever you are
whenever you least expect it
running your hardest
still doesnt mean
you wont slip and fall
inspired by the a day to remember song.
she looked at me
and said,
*"for you to
that much,
you must have
once loved them
just as
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