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i really cant believe
that you cant see
how broken and torn
you left me
laying there
on the floor
aching and wishing
i knew what i did wrong
how could I know
that your presence
your touch
your taste
your smile
your lips on my neck
could possibly be so addictive?
forbidden love is a *****
i need to learn that it gets harder
and harder
to rid of the toxins
others call love
because our stars will forbid to cross
and you will never explore my galaxy
for the endless depths of feeling
i have for you
if i'm not allowed to love you
then what am i supposed to do
with the butterflies every time i see you
or the smile i get when i hear your name
or the deep feelings in the pit of my stomach
when our hands touch
or eyes meet
and at night
when i lay awake
wanting you
that i know
that the world does not want me to be happy
and when i finally decided to let you go
you showed me the one thing
that you said was never a lie
and that was behind all the black and white
you hid more than the truth
but how you knew how to break me down
and torture me from the inside out
not only do the drugs
and alcohol
drown out the pain
but they also allow me
to drown out myself
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