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Bruises may hurt.
Scrapes may burn.
Burns may sting.
The thing that hurts the most,
burns the most,
and may sting the most-
This is true on so many levels. Who else can relate?
juliet Nov 2018
my ribcage scrapes against my heart
      but isn’t supposed to
            protect me?
I liked to spring forth from the bushes
Trying to catch my 2009 year old friend mid March

The burning heat as firewood’s crackling,
Glowing heart erupted from my knees as my own
Feet had fought each other to which was going to be placed

Seeing red white and blue the Final chalk
Me up as scraped with fireworks of every decibel explodes in

My head

Its back backed by the drum beat of a song we cant ever remember
But will never forget

Of the “Its alright there’s no need to cry” times,
“Your purple penguin plate needed a new friend anyway”

As tears are mopped up by the already wet nose,
Of our best friend, I remiss, then go to grab
My old new cup
For the young me of memories
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
This is a brand new world.
Day 17/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
oni Jan 2016
everyone wants
to slip away
casually -

but you cant
slip through
the cracks
without earning
a few scrapes

if youre caught
between a rock
and a hard place,
something will
end up broken

because the
you build your
love on
cannot be made
of something like
rory elmswood Dec 2014
i tried to tell my sadness to my friend once
they laughed it off
as if it were merely a scrape
that could be healed
with a bright colored Band-Aid and time
i thought about telling how it really was
tell how the scrape traveled into my bloodstream
into my liver
and slowly my sadness began to pump through me
until it became me
like a bear burring in its den for the winter
only my winter shows no signs of passing

— The End —