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It flies amongst the stars.
Flashes for a moment.
Despite the left scars.
Holds a place close, yet far.

It carries the fallen.
From mistaken paths.
To reaches impossible.
And develops new plans.

It creates new countries.
Raises dead soldiers.
Stamps unsung heroes.
With a feeling of free.

Hear its silent sound.
Open up your eyes.
Place it in your heart.
Elevate from the ground.

It helps us climb.
Better than rope.
Do you see its shape?
It is hope.
i theorized the continuity
of my contemplation
as you picked your guitar
questioning all of creation.
you told me, "i hold no
obligation to anyone else.
if i break a promise, then
i will break it to myself."

© Matthew Harlovic
[in theory]
Comes a time
when the mathematics
of the years
becomes more about
- than +,
÷ rather than x.

When wisdom gained
< vitality lost,
and dis-ease > health.

A good night's sleep
and some energy ≈

Living is
to survival,
and not
I realize I've lost most casual readers with this one.  Today, I don't care.
I take care of everyone and then some
When will my turn come
Will anyone ever take care of me
They just float on the breeze
The weight of the world is on my shoulders
I'm getting wore out crawling over the boulders
Be you a freak
Or a geek
Transgender, gay, or bi
Let your flag fly
We are all ****** anyway
So for the rest of our days
No matter how bizarre
Let's be ****** for who we truly are
Your heart is frost
But your soul was sweet
The one who broke you
I desperately need to meet
If I tell him you’re lost
Will he come and fix you
Or will you just never fit
My missing puzzle piece?
You’ve stuck with me
through thick and thin
just like a tick,
you’re under my skin.

© Matthew Harlovic
This could be applied to a few things.
 Jul 2016 Delilah Wine Williams
write her a poem
on the back of a receipt from
two weeks ago

turn it into an airplane
and with all your might
fly it towards her direction

watch it land slowly
watch her pick it up
and laugh

jesus christ
she looks so pretty
when her eyes smile like that
but *******
you weren't prepared for
the crash

why didn't anyone teach you
how to wear a parachute
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