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I want to run, I want to hide
From all the pain he caused inside
I want to scream, I want to cry
Why can't I just tell him goodbye

I want to move on; I can't let go
I love him more than he'll ever know
Memories come, when I'm alone
Thinking about all the things that I've been told
I want to start over, I want to be free
But this pain and memories just won't leave me

"If I am stressing you out, then you should just forget about me,"
How could you think it's so easy?
He hurt me bad, the pain is deep;
From all the promises he couldn't keep
All the things I heard him say,
Are in my head and just won't fade

How can I forget him, leave him behind?
Erase the memories from my mind?
He doesn't love me, and he never will
He will never care about how I feel
Originally written and inspired on 24/8/17 by Chloe Keane Sapphire Lim
Edited on 22/11/17
©2017-2018 Poems_expressions_words_truth. All Rights Reserved.

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 Feb 2019
My heart
A road map of twisting roads
So many different ways
Please take it slow

My love
Brighter than the midnight stars
Bigger than the universe
Especially where you are...

My dreams
Extend beyond deepest sleep
My needs are like your's
Someone close I seek

To Have
To hold
To sleep with me in peace
Come and take a nap
Set your dreaming free!!
Traveler Tim
 Jun 2018
Nishu Mathur
Listen more often
To the earth, rocks and grass
The roots of trees that go deep inside
And whisper of the past

Listen to the clouds rumble
Thunder and heave a sigh
As they speak to birds of creation
That pirouette in the sky

Listen to the whispers of seashells
The verses of waves in rhyme
That carry the songs of sailors
And hum the melodies of time

Listen more often
To the roses and the wind
Listen to the rain and rainbow
Listen to the soul of things
 May 2018
Francie Lynch
I shooed a June bug
Off my front screen door;
The freighters' fog horns
Roll on The Huron and St. Clair.
The mist rises like incense
From the black tar on Spartan,
Still a warm May drizzle drifts tonight,
Anointing gardens and lawns.
And Beulah, my new magnolia,
Blossomed yellow for me this year.
But Brigid and Ophelia,
Heralded my Spring,
Brought warmth and light,
With a fresh green lease to everything.
The twin granddaughters, Born May 1.
 Feb 2018
When you feel lost;
Disconnected from yourself
When self-belief and ambition slips through your fingers
Think of the young girl or boy you once were
The innocent, impressionable child with so much promise
He or she does not deserve the abuse you subject them to
They do not deserve to be downtrodden and picked apart by the very one who knows them best;

Somewhere along the way I lost that little girl
I forgot her on my journey to self-destruction
I abandoned the dreams she had and the motivation to bring them to life
I banished her from my mind and became focused on the empty shell I was building for myself
I grew absorbed with misery and self-pity
I forgot to nurture that girl so that she could save me from myself
So that she would remind me of what I owe her

Yet, someday she would again take the spotlight
And she would revel in her revival
She would strip away the years of neglected dreams and build them into a reality
Just as she would destroy the empty shell I built in her absence
She would reunite herself with those she loves and cease my loneliness;
Hell, cease her own loneliness and abandonment of herself
For she is worthy of everything she ever wanted
Every far-fetched desire and optimistic goal
She would remind me that I am not lost nor broken
Because she was with me all along
I just forgot to let her grow with me
 Jan 2018
Like the creek
that loves
its flowing path
to the river,
and the river its rolling,
meandering slow way
out to the bluest
of blue calm seas,
I'll come to love you,
O woman of sorrow,
like the moon does
in your darkest
lonely night dreams.
Don't force things,life has a way of making things work. What's meant to be will be,whenever,wherever,however.
 May 2016

         •we sleep
                 we manage               tight•
           somehow      to wake            late at
       •and...                  cradled             night•
      the bed                    in the ci-          we toss
   ngle off                      cle of ea-           and tu-
   ms da-                     ch oth-             rn•roll
our ar-                  er's a-             away
sheets•            rms•           and re-
with the                   turn...•
our legs tangle

Words by me.
Arrangement by the madly gifted ryn; more of his talent at writing and concrete poetry showcased at
Thank you ryn(:
 Apr 2016
Thinking about the first poems I wrote
Taking my notebook, on a sunny day
A solitude park
Located in a small town Illinois

Feeling the sun on my back
As I scribble the words for a new poem
The melody of birds singing
A small breeze upon my face

Back in the days
Where I was writing for myself
Where I was the only one reading
The visualization of my own thoughts

Poetry is unique
Everyone imagines words a different way
Never let anyone define your skills
Write out your heart, poetry is made for you
Meant for those, who might be to anxious to share their work. Who are self-critical. Poetry is meant for anyone. Who has the right to say what poetry is and what isn't. Take a brief moment and go back to basic and see how everything started. Be bold believe in your skills and keep on writing.
 Apr 2016
Axiom does not lie upon the
plush bed of the words I've said.
It doesn't flourish under influence of the
flowery texts I've written.
Axiom does not fully exist behind the
actions I've deliberately displayed.

It is ingrained within the subtle folds,
inexplicable nuances
and playful innuendos.
It is present in the lull you find in between
fleeting memories and faltering heartbeats.
It is scored into the unlyricised songs,
sung when our breaths do meet.
It's in the unplanned gazes that
stray into nothingness
only to be caught by yours.
It's evident in the void... The silence we've shared
without ever feeling awkward.

Is the fall that you had anticipated
only after having taken the leap.
It's that feeling of not knowing where the bottom is
but yet still certain that you are safe.

Axiom is...
My unseen heart as it beats hard
for none other than you.
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