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jalc Dec 2019
I hope you're proud of yourself
The accolades you have
Those trophies on the shelf
Proof of the effort you gave

I wish you every success
On this road you've chosen
That you may brave the process
And gain more devotion

I know the higher you climb
The harder you will fall
And vindication takes time
Even if it does crawl
This is for a bunch of hypocrites I thought were my friends once.
jalc Oct 2017
Hold on to the memory of sunshine
Yellow rays turned to a white blaze
Warming you to the inside
Burning life into you.

Hold on to the halcyon days
Of early sunrise and late sunset
When you had all the time
And none to waste.

Hold on to the promise of light
Rare in these grey days
A pale watery imitation
Glimmering in the clouds

Hold on to these gloomy spells
Where dawn and day and dusk
Have melted into the same
And your stocks are empty
That you might bask longer
When the light returns
I like rainy days as much as the next person, until it gets too much.
jalc Aug 2017
Perhaps some day our paths will cross once more
As those whose souls have met before are wont
You who have answered to another call
And I who have chosen a lesser travelled one
Individual journeys leading to the same shore
Weary and mature, having had our fun
Guided by some strange lode in our core
To meet again, fatefully, unbidden
jalc Jul 2017
This is just a short rhyme for you out there
Sitting in the shadows plotting your schemes
You think you're so clever; no one's aware
But imma tell you now honey, we ain't all dim
So if you wanna play, take out le dictionnaire
'cos language is a hurdle for you it seems
(mis)using 4 syllable words, you're full of hot air
So be careful next when you spin your web of dreams
It could very well become a nightmare.
jalc Jan 2017
Let's not leave this spot
This little piece of the universe
For which we have fought
To keep for just us.

We'll stay inside today
Make our resolutions for the year
A map that shows us the way
For all the days in our lives' calendar.

Let's not go outside yet
Into the never ending storm
It's safe in this our cosset
Together we can keep warm.

We'll create a beautiful memory
Watch films and make meals
A 24-hour remedy
To combat the year's ills.
So it's been many days since the New Year, but I wanted to post something at least. I had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and I want such a day again. I'm letting it motivate me through the challenges I know the year will bring.
jalc Nov 2016
Something about the path is familiar
The way it winds and twists
Leading you back on yourself
The curious way that tree grows
A particular heap of stones
Placed just so
To snag a bit of cloth
Its unusual pattern unmistakable
These vestigial footprints
That somehow fit your next step
And you've heard that raven call
Waking hazy memories
As you continue doggedly
Through these half lit woods
Ever on the way out
Never realising until you
Drop down the rabbit hole again.
jalc Nov 2016
in the shadowy damp
your arms keep me tethered
securing fragments as you cram
my ragged edges together
Thank you.
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