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 Jul 2016
They tortured her every day of her life
They destroyed her self-esteem
They took away her joy
They never let her to be happy
They destroyed everything that was good in her life
They went and took it all away
One day they watched her cry alone for hours
That day things seemed to change
They wanted to make things right this time  
They went to her house and found a razor and a note
It was too late to apologize
 Jul 2016

Cloak of invisibility...
Render me unseen.
As I tremble with the fury of
a thousand downfalls
and untimely disappointments.
Let the complacent eye
merely skim the surface of my masquerade...
Without learning of what seethes underneath.

Cloak of invincibility...
Render me impervious...
To the callous digits that know only to point.
To the disastrous effect of heated words.
To the unforgiving nature of
my wayward thoughts and emotions.
Grant me strength and resilience
through hardened skin that promises not,
of betrayal.

Cloak of infallibility...
Render me trustworthy and honest.
So that I can rest with the knowledge
that what I feel is true...
What I feel is me.
That this isn't the result of the faint murmur
of errant gossip...
But instead the genuine exchanges
between the heart and mind.

Cloak of myth...
Render me a believer.
Aid me in finding my footing
in the blasted dark.
I have been siphoned dry,
during these unsure times
that have drawn much...
Too much.

 Jul 2016
She has a special siren song
Pastel paisley passion's dawn

She's aloof, but takes on airs
Wearing seashells in her hair

Abalone, mother of pearl
She has her arms 'round half the world

She chuckles softly with the birds
She speaks to stars without a word

She bids them run! She bids them hide!
She tucks the mountains to her side

When whispering she turns to wink
The morning sky will blush to pink!

YES! The thrashers laugh out loud!
She's tangled in the pewter clouds!

She whistles low her magic tune
The dew-soaked desert's her perfume

Though it's the sun she courts and woos
She entices all... the morning muse!

(C) 7/7/2016
This is the day that the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Good morning everyone!

 Jun 2016

Stuck on my throat

Left unsaid

**It's killing me
Haunting. Burdensome.
 Jun 2016
Wrapped myself in a red velvet dress and a flower in my hair
Ready for the night with a guest
Lips twitching to a ghostly glare
Bit frighten, my hollow chest

As I opened the door,
Misery enters confidently
Bringing with him an emotional distress, I could not ignore
So I welcomed him, paradoxically

The second night, Misery came again
This time, bringing his friend, Lonely
I let them in again and didn't complain
No choice at all, I endured their company

Each night I would embrace Misery
And instead of dancing with my shadow
Now I tango with Lonely

Misery and Lonely, my visitors at night
Consistent like the moon, they are
in their company I find solace and delight
I could not escape, the light is too far
What a lovely company.
 Jun 2016
Hadrian Veska
I faded off into the night
Long before the sun ever set
 Jun 2016
Waking up is always a burden to her
For she never wanted the life she is living now
They say that life has so many choices to offer
But she was left with only one choice
-to accept what was left to her

Dreaming is supposed to be free,
But now, it became a luxury
Only for those who can afford it
And those who can't, it's a fantasy
-illusion, delusional

Ridicule me, laugh at me, tease me, bully me
It will be your last chance
Call me simpleton, call me poor, call me ugly
It will be your last chance
You won't be able to do it again

She had finally decided to end it all
She was just waiting for a cue to start the fall
And that day, wandering around the city
A signboard caught her attention

Today's Advice: HANG IN THERE ;)
A faint smile then crosses her lips
It was the cue she was waiting for

Later that night
Literally, she followed the advice
The only witness is the moon
*She hangs herself in her room
Another write about suicide. Are they weak for losing the battle? Or are they strong enough to end it all?
 May 2016
Paint my heart as empty
all blue and black and grey

Around it perforate a circle
from beginning back to start

Paint it very gently
then quickly pull away

Tearing it out
without ripping it apart

Someday they'll surely place it
in the Gallery of Fools

Inside the Wailing Walls
out past the Hall of Shame

And when the people face it
they'll cherish their own hearts

As if anatomy has
anything to do with pain
 May 2016
Piece by piece she picked herself up
Glued each broken parts, until she's whole again
There are holes and cracks
But still, she's functional
Soon her soul will recover
Soon her wounds will heal

And when the healing process is over
She will be the best version of herself
Braver, a stronger one, unbreakable
No more rivers of tears
No more sad lullabies
No more breaking hearts

Yes she will recover,
But her heart will turn into a stone
She will never be the same gain.
 May 2016
I sleep in the foreboding dark,
haunted by your unrelenting mark;
and I figure I always will be -
until death do us part, I believe.

The damage you caused is embroidered on my skin like a tattoo;
a permanent reminder of the torture you put me through.
Yet the hundreds of jagged scars and bruises on my skin
are no match for the lacerations on my soul within.

You led me to begin this war with my very own mind;
now all I can see is death and destruction - to happiness I am blind.
So sharp blades came to breathe upon my statuesque wrists
and crimson rivers run across them in coagulant twists.

There are so many times where I cannot think or shed tears
and I simply want to sleep for a thousand years -
or not exist at all; just to stop the pain.

I want it all to stop spinning again.
 May 2016
Syeda Shams Unnisa
Only I do drift, touch, dissolve
in the lap of my moments;
I carry love to be eternal
in the abyss of lonely nights in the end.
 May 2016
Syeda Shams Unnisa
When they break our window glass
and the shards fall
in silence
turning into the sounds of broken

When you see the fire lanterns
and the great great flames
To all the curses thrown into
your lap

Don't just sit and watch
Your tears roll down
in the shards of
a scattered heart

Stand up now
Throw them back
The shadows fade away
in the air

You can never be crushed
Pull the sky
into your heart
and fight back...

Shams :)
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